Zeeve forms strategic partnership with BENQI to offer a seamless staking and lending infrastructure for Avalanche Subnets

BENQI and Zeeve

Zeeve, the top-tier provider of appchain infrastructure and RaaS, is delighted to announce partnership with BENQI – Avalanche’s first and foremost liquid staking and lending platform. Zeeve is proud to add support for Benqi’s latest product, BENQI Ignite. Designed to be permissionless and flexible, Ignite introduces a simplified and cost-efficient way for web3 developers and enterprises to launch Avalanche Subnets and validators.

Zeeve’s modular stack integration with BENQI’s Ignite product has upgraded Zeeve’s enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure capabilities substantially by removing the economic barriers to developing and launching Avalanche Subnets. Through Ignite, Zeeve now offers a powerful and simplified Avalanche Subnets launchpad that features the IGNITE Pay As You Go (PAYG) validation rental service, drastically reducing the amount of capital required to launch an Avalanche validator. Additionally, developers will leverage Zeeve-added benefits such as quick launch for faster time-to-market, seamless management of Subnets, end-to-end monitoring, and high performance of nodes/ validators.

“We have been witnessing the growing need for Avalanche Subnets in the application-specific blockchain landscape, as it enables the development of custom, use case-specific, and scalable blockchains.” Said Dr Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. Considering this, Zeeve has added support for BENQi Ignite, which is an innovative base layer protocol guaranteeing low-cost Subnets spin-up. Developers, businesses, and web3 native startups can now launch their Avalanche Subnet on Zeeve’s highly scalable web3 infrastructure while retaining all the benefits of Ignite, such as the ‘Pay As You Go’ validation service, staking option, high throughput, sovereignty, etc.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Zeeve to accelerate the proliferation of Avalanche subnets. By removing the technical and economic barriers to building subnets through Zeeve’s enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, the partnership with BENQI Ignite will spur developer innovation and experimentation on Avalanche.” Said Dan Mgbor, co-founder of BENQI.

With BENQI Ignite and Zeeve’s institutional-grade tooling, web3 startups and builders on Avalanche can spin Subnets at significantly low cost, at the rate of 20 $AVAX per week, assuming a minimum of 5 validators. This means that the total cost of running a Subnet and managing its validators can now be decreased by 99%, which currently costs around $350,000 upfront. 

BENQI’s Ignite Zeeve integration is added as a plug-in component on Zeeve’s existing appchain stack. Subnet projects no longer need to set up their own ecosystem or validator set. Further, to launch a full-fledged Avalanche-based Subnet, Zeeve provides all the essential components, such as white-labeled blockchain explorers, testnet faucets, cross-chain bridges, data indexers, scalable RPC nodes, and, more importantly– a subnet management dashboard for easy monitoring and effective management of subnet operations on a network-wide scale.  

Ready to launch your own Avalanche subnet network? Visit our Avalanche Subnet page to get a complete list of things Zeeve offers for Subnets. Have queries? Reach out to our Zeeve experts, and we can help you choose the right appchain infrastructure for your application.  

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