Zeeve Partners with EigenDA to Provide Cost-Efficient DA Layer Solutions To Rollups

Zeeve and EigenDA

Zeeve, the leading Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform, has partnered with EigenDA to provide high throughput and low-cost, decentralized data availability (DA) solutions for rollups and appchains.

Ethereum has always been a preferred standard for security for Dapps. However, when it comes to using the blockspace of Ethereum for security as a DA layer, the CallData cost is very high, which significantly increases the cost of launching roll-ups by 80% to 90%. EigenDA solves that through Actively Validated Services (AVS), which uses a shared security model that allows the same stake to be utilized for various applications that want to use a DA layer. EigenDA does that through erasure coding that splits the data into smaller chunks, represented in blobs or acts as the coefficient of the data set. Hence, they impose very little computation pressure on the nodes to validate the data. Due to such a trade-off, EigenDA allows rollups to use pooled security that ideally divides the network load among node participants, acting as a DA layer for the rollup network. In addition, EigenDA also uses bandwidth reservation by segregating the data load and dedicatedly allowing pre-reserved throughput to the rollups at a discounted cost. 

This integration permits Rollup chains to operate as the execution layer with final settlement on Ethereum, while storing actual transaction data with the EigenDA layer. This hybrid model allows Web3 developers and founders to continue leveraging Ethereum’s robust network while benefiting from EigenDA’s advanced technology for a critical component of their modular designs.

Zeeve’s partnership with Eigen Layer introduces a powerful combination for web3 builders and enterprises. Using Zeeve’s low-code RaaS platform, they can deploy Rollups with just a few clicks, benefiting from high-uptime sequencing and complete provisioning with block explorers, faucets, data indexers, cross-chain bridges, and more.  EigenDA’s solution will be readily integrable, offering developers using Zeeve an efficient DA layer for launching L2/L3 Optimistic or ZK rollups across all supported frameworks.

“The future of data availability should look forward to providing very high scalability to the rollups, and that can only happen when rollups are given additional space through a dual model where they can get near infinite storage capability without having to compromise on the security, said Dr Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. “Eigen DA’s ability to inherit the security of the Ethereum chain without compromising the scalability and throughput comes from restaking Ethereum in the Eigen Layer contract. This integration enables anyone launching their Optimistic or ZK Rollups with Zeeve to integrate it as a pluggable DA layer, complementing our fully managed Rollups-as-a-service infrastructure. This will offer more choices to builders and cater to the diverse needs of applications.”

“With Zeeve and EigenDA, rollup developers will be able to launch and manage rollups that scale to the 10s of thousands of TPS without breaking a sweat, and without sacrificing decentralization. The era of cheap, secure, and reliable blockspace is upon us.” – Teddy Knox, Research Engineer at EigenLabs 

Additionally, Zeeve RaaS has a comprehensive partner ecosystem. It supports ready-made integration of various protocols and tools, including permissionless interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, sequencing services, data indexers, account abstraction SDKs, and more. These additions are designed to expand and enrich the functionality of smart contracts and sovereign rollups on the Zeeve platform. Zeeve’s RaaS is already compatible with a wide range of Ethereum rollup frameworks, such as Polygon CDKArbitrum Orbit, and OP Stack, and zkSync’s zkStack and all of the 3rd party tools and middlewares can be seamlessly integrated with them. 

Zeeve also offers a one-click Sandbox tool, providing developers with a convenient space to test and refine their app-specific rollups before transitioning to public testnet/mainnet environments.

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