Zeeve Partners with Quadrata to Introduce a Unique Portable Web3 Identity Passport to its Layer2 Rollups building on RaaS

Zeeve and Quadrata

Zeeve and Quadrata are excited to announce their partnership to bring a highly innovative Web3 Identity and compliance layer to all the rollup chains deployed on the Zeeve Rollups-as-a-service (RaaS) platform. Quadrata is a unique passport network that brings next-level identity and compliance to Layer2 rollups, blockchain networks, and decentralized applications.

There is a strong appetite for rollup-based chains among all the fastest expanding industries like gaming, DeFi, NFTs, and real-world asset tokenization (RWA) because of features, including high-level composability, dedicated throughput, rapid-fast settlement, easy interoperability, and privacy option. However, the overall adoption of Layer2 rollups is hindered due to the unavailability of a reliable identity management and compliance layer. Now, with integration support of Quadrata’s next-gen passport network, Zeeve Rollups-as-a-service (RaaS) platform is allowing Layer2 and Layer3 rollup chains to plug-n-play a unique identity, compliance, and reputation layer featuring the single sign-on, portable digital passport equipped with Sybil-resistant and privacy-preserving technology.

“Identity management is integral for Layer2 rollups. They now seek highly dependent on-chain identity verification and compliance management solutions that could alleviate the critical risks like Sybil attacks, non-compliance of network-level policies, and meanwhile, ensure complete privacy & anonymity for their businesses and consumers.” Said Dr.Ravi– the co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. “By enabling Quadrata’s passport technology on Zeeve RaaS stack, rollups can add a unique digital identity and compliance layer on their network. This will allow them to onboard businesses and consumers through a portable Web3 identity passport without any on-chain disclosure or storage of personally identifiable information (PII).” 

“Quadrata is delighted to support Zeeve with identity and compliance solutions that will help avoid the potential risk of Sybil attacks and enforce network-level policies while maintaining user privacy. We believe rollups play a critical role in the mainstream adoption of DeFi, RWA, and other decentralized applications that plan on serving users at scale, thus being able to support rollups like Zeeve is vital to Quadrata”. Said Lisa Fridman, co-founder at Quadrata

Integration of Quadrata’s passport identity layer in Zeeve RaaS will drive benefits for the existing Zeeve community of 28,000 users, 40+ institutions, plus all those enterprises looking to build advanced Web3 identity and compliance-aware solutions on Quadrata. Additionally, Zeeve has integrated a range of pluggable services for seamless development of modular rollup chains, offering use-case functionality. Zeeve’s Rollups-as-a-Service platform is compatible with a wide range of Ethereum-based rollup frameworks, such as Polygon CDK, Arbitrum Nitro Stack, OP Stack, and zkSync’s zkStack and with a wide range of third-party tools and services curated for Layer2 rollups.

Also, Zeeve offers a low-code, one-click rollups deployment Sandbox tool, providing web3 builders a convenient environment to try out and deploy both smart contract and sovereign rLayer2/Layer3 rollups before taking the setup to testnet/mainnet.

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