Zeeve RaaS Achieves Milestone with 250+ Rollup Testnets across Leading Rollup Frameworks

Zeeve is excited to announce that we have surpassed the mark of 250+ testnets on the 1-click Zeeve RaaS platform across optimistic and ZK Rollup stacks. This is a proud moment for the entire Zeeve RaaS family. This milestone highlights our platform’s robust capabilities and the growing trust web3 builders place in Zeeve for their blockchain infrastructure.

These testnets are spread across OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, zkSync Hyperchain, and Polygon CDK, allowing developers to modify chain specifications, gas settings, and settlement layers; test bridges and smart contracts; configure RPC and other nodes (local Geth and L2/L3 nodes); manage cloud infrastructure and wallets; and access in-depth analytics, monitoring capabilities, activity logs, and alerts.

“Zeeve was one of the first to offer automated testnets for both OP and zkRollups, and we’re delighted that builders are finding them useful. Our Sandbox environment simplifies decision-making and delivers actionable outcomes. By standardizing the deployment process across leading rollup frameworks, we’ve reduced testnet setup time to just a few minutes with zero coding required. This makes it much easier for businesses to transition to public testnets and mainnets, with complete confidence that their smart contracts and dApps are reliable and ready for production.”

Dr. Ravi Chamria

co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

Zeeve RaaS 250+ Rollup Testnets Milestone

These figures represent only the 1-click testnet users and do not include production Testnet or mainnet clients using Zeeve RaaS.

Zeeve has also built a robust Apps Marketplace of web3 protocols and tools. Builders can choose from over 40 pluggable third-party integrations, including custom DA layers, decentralized oracles, Account Abstraction, Interoperability protocols, on/off-ramp solutions, developer tools, and more.

Do you want to build and launch your own Layer2/ Layer3 rollup network using the OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, zkSync Hyperchain, or Polygon CDK? Try our 1-click RaaS platform for free.

For more information on Testnet/mainnet rollups and supported integrations, visit our RaaS page. Have further queries? Schedule a call with our experts.

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