Zeeve RaaS integrates Axelar Network to bring Programmable cross-chain Interoperability to Layer2 Rollups

Zeeve and Alexar Network

Zeeve,the reliable Rollups-as-a-service infrastructure for deployment, monitoring, and scaling of production-grade rollups, is thrilled to integrate with Axelar Network to enable fully programmable and internet-scale cross-chain interoperability in Layer 2 and Layer 3 application-specific rollups managed on Zeeve RaaS.

As the Web3 ecosystem expands, it contributes to the development of diverse Layer2 Rollups and Appchains on a rapid scale. During this time, the problem of fragmented cross-chain interoperability is a major obstacle that may impact the user experience and the growth of even highly feasible rollups. Instead of limiting their activities to a single network, users now demand a multichain ecosystem where sending & receiving funds, arbitrary messages, and call functions is facilitated. Axelar Network, with its native ability to offer permissionless access to a programmable interoperability layer, is strategically tackling the problem of cross-chain interaction in Layer2 rollups.

With Axelar’s integration on Zeeve Rollups-as-a-service infrastructure, enterprises and web3 builders will now be able to make their rollup chains interoperable with other L2/L3 rollups running independently. Axelar’s fully customizable interoperability layer provides web3 builders the flexibility to customize the interoperability aspect of their rollup chain as per the use-case requirements, like automated gas payment and single-time deposit address. This will be done simply through plug-n-play approach excluding any complex and resource-intensive integration process. Additionally, all the rollups deployed with Zeeve RaaS will be monitored on critical performance parameters in real-time, such as CPU, Memory, storage, disk space, RPCs, peers, block latency, etc, ensuring the network stays up and running with zero downtime issues.

“Axelar offers full-stack cross-chain functionality in rollups through its programmable, internet-scale interoperability layer, optimized for one-click orchestration. At Zeeve, we are helping enterprises, startups, and web3 projects to integrate with Axelar and build cross-chain L1/L2 rollups that can smoothly connect with users, assets, and logic of other rollup chains. Whether already managed by Zeeve or migrating to Zeeve’s Rollups-as-a-service infrastructure, we are allowing each rollup to integrate Axelar’s interoperability layer as a plug-in component and run Axelar-powered custom smart contracts to become a part of the interconnected web3 ecosystem.”

Dr. Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

“Web2 wasn’t built on a single database; Horizontal scaling is just as critical for Web3. Zeeve RaaS will be critical infrastructure to enable multichain scaling and Axelar network will enable new rollups to build easily and deliver unified UX across an expanding universe of Ethereum L2s.” 

Georgios Vlachos

Director at Axelar Foundation and co-founder of the Axelar protocol

The integration of Zeeve and Axelar will empower the vast Zeeve community of over 28,000 users and 40+ institutions already on the platform, including the present users of Axelar Network looking for an enterprise-grade Rollups-as-a-service (RaaS) platform to deploy, monitor, and manage their rollup chains efficiently and at a significantly lower cost. 

The expanding list of Zeeve’s integrations reflects our commitment and dedication to enhancing the modularity of Zeeve RaaS, thereby simplifying rollup deployment and management for businesses of any scale. Zeeve boasts a diverse ecosystem consisting of various types of sequencer networks, DA layers, leading Interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, account abstraction SDKs, indexers, and various other tools as pluggable components.

For more information about Zeeve or if you are interested in launching a cross-chain Layer2 rollup equipped with Axelar Network? Feel free to contact us!

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