Zeeve RaaS Partners with ShlenPower for the Launch of a L2 HyperChain

We are elated to announce our partnership with ShlenPower as their chosen Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) provider to launch a zkSync L2 Hyperchain. Shlenpower is building an empowerment hub on top of the DLIecosystem, and Zeeve will power its L2 Rollup infrastructure. 

Dlicom Platform is the creative fusion of decentralized financial opportunities with social media features, presenting safe communication combined with economic activity and deep community involvement. Their self-custody wallet, decentralized browser, and secure, end-to-end encrypted messaging make the app a go-to choice for users looking for privacy and security in their transactions and interactions. On the social side, Dlicom allows users to post multimedia content, engage in community discussions, and earn tokens through community tipping. It also has a monetization model with customizable feed ads, allowing content creators to earn based on the engagement their content generates. Premium subscribers have access to advanced features like a portfolio tracker, crypto screener, and more. From a financial perspective, Dlicom offers a decentralized wallet for managing cryptos and NFTs, and a browser that supports seamless interactions with dApps. Users can swap tokens with minimum slippage, stake directly within the app, and receive rewards in USDT, making it a comprehensive tool for financial incentivizing within a decentralized social framework.

“To realize the full functionality of the Dlicom Platform in its best safety and norms of performance, we have collaborated with Zeeve to build and launch the L2 Rollup. Through this collaboration with Zeeve, the Dlicom platform will become one of the most secure and scaled systems, bringing together the best of decentralized finance and social media into one integrated singular ecosystem.”

Mohammad Qadriah

Chairman & Co-Founder of ShlenPower

The following are some benefits Zeeve RaaS will bring to the Dlicom platform with this revamping: 


  • ZKsync hyperchains offer layer-2 scaling solutions with low-latency, high-throughput transactions. This ensures that the Dlicom Platform performs at its peak, running at its peak with a large volume of transactions and delivering a flawless user experience.

Saving on Costs:

  • We will drastically reduce the transaction costs using Hyperchain, an amount that can be passed on to the users by offering all operations on the Dlicom platform.


  • ZKsync hyperchains operate under the principle of using zero-knowledge proofs for privacy and security. Users can confirm transactions without exposing critical information, ensuring that all transactions within the application are safe and secure.

Better User Experience:

  • ZKSync hyperchain will significantly improve the user experience of the Dlicom Platform in terms of quick transaction time, minimal fees, and better security.

“When it comes to SocialFi, the ecosystem developed should be such that it can cater to rising scalability needs without putting additional pressure on the infrastructure. By incorporating ZK technology and recursive proofs, Dlicom is significantly enhancing both the capacity and efficiency of their ecosystem. Zeeve will optimize its operational performance through an intuitive RaaS dashboard, enhanced security measures, necessary middleware, a rebranded TraceHawk block explorer, and robust support systems, including 24/7 enterprise-grade SLAs. Zeeve will also ensure, with efficient management, that the ecosystem also remains compliant and meets the objective of the project as well as the broader goals of Matter Labs.”

Dr Ravi Chamaria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

Zeeve makes it easy to go from concept to live deployment with our intuitive Rollup Launchpad. Our network of over 40 industry partners allows for quick integration with decentralised and developer services. Trusted by more than 30,000 users and 40+ institutional partners, Zeeve’s strong security and support systems make it the go-to choice for global web3 infrastructure.

For further details on Zeeve’s managed zkSync Hyperchains, visit our webpage. 

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