Zeeve RaaS partners with ‘Trail of Bits’ for easy and industry-standard security audits for its ecosystem of rollups

Zeeve, the leading provider of Rollups-as-a-service, is teaming up with the Trail of Bits to provide industry-standard security audits for its ecosystem of rollups and appchains. This will help projects identify and rectify security vulnerabilities through manual and automated reviews. 

Governance attacks and source code exploitation are some of the most prevalent 

security compromises we have seen in the past. This has siphoned off millions of dollars in assets from on-chain platforms. Trail of Bits aims to help projects mitigate that with white box security reviews, design reviews, threat modeling, appsec or cryptography review, invariant development, and automated tooling. They combine high-end security research with a real-world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code.

Now, with this integration, businesses and developers launching their Optimistic or ZK rollup chains with Zeeve RaaS can include critical security considerations early in the design phase. They can improve their network’s security posture for intended use cases while leveraging Zeeve’s low-code platform with robust security, enterprise SLA, and a full suite of middleware and tools, including block explorers, faucets, data indexers, cross-chain bridges, etc.  

“Many of the leading protocols and widely used blockchain-based platforms trust Trial of Bits for their security assessment, and Zeeve is happy to add them to its ecosystem of integration partners for appchains and rollups. Undiscovered bugs and security loopholes are always present when you’re building something, but they shouldn’t be the reason you end up in the REKT database. Partners like Trail of Bits are essential for ensuring the overall security and integrity of your rollup chains. When combined with Zeeve, you have a super easy system for L2/L3 deployments, management, and continuous monitoring, complete with all necessary integrations and tools, minus the security threats.”

Dr Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

“Trail of Bits is a pioneer among security-oriented organizations in transitioning from the Web 2.0 space to explore blockchain technologies. The team has performed over 300 blockchain security reviews worth 30 engineer years of effort, including several rollup systems (such as Arbitrum, Optimism and Scroll). Teaming up with Zeeve, a RaaS provider, Trail of Bits enhances early-stage security audits, providing an added layer of assurance for blockchain projects. This integration ensures early security considerations for Optimistic or ZK rollup chains, fortifying networks against vulnerabilities while leveraging Zeeve’s platform for seamless deployment and robust security.”

Josselin Feist

Blockchain Engineering Director

Zeeve provides a comprehensive partner ecosystem where projects can enjoy a wide variety of features that integration partners provide, like permissionless interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, sequencing services, data indexers, account abstraction SDKs, and more. These additions are designed to expand and enrich the functionality of smart contracts and sovereign rollups on the Zeeve platform and give users more options to choose from. All these ready-made tools can seamlessly integrate with the top rollup frameworks supported by Zeeve, including Polygon CDK, zkSync hyperchains, Arbitrum Orbit, and OP Stack. 

For more information, visit our Integration Partners page. If you are planning to launch an OP or ZK rollup chain, contact us. Our expert team can help you determine which infrastructure best suits your needs. 

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