Zeeve teams up with Web3Auth to bring MPC/AA-enabled wallet Infra to Appchains and Rollups

Zeeve is excited to announce that we’ve collaborated with Web3Auth to bring MPC/AA-enabled wallet infrastructure to our Rollups-as-a-service builders. This will enable them to plug in non-custodial, seedphraseless wallets with their layer2 rollups and appchains through simple integrations. 

Traditional wallets can complicate user interactions and often demand a deep understanding of blockchain for effective transaction and key management. With Web3Auth’s integration into decentralized applications (dApps) or blockchain wallets, the user onboarding process is significantly refined, offering a more intuitive and seamless experience. Web3Auth provides flexible sign-in options, including OAuth integrations with platforms like Google, Twitter, and GitHub or through passwordless registration sent directly to users’ emails. Web3Auth enables developers to design bespoke login systems that merge traditional authentication methods with robust, non-custodial wallet management. This MPC-based infrastructure secures users’ cryptographic keys by allowing the login service to access only a part of the key, thereby preventing providers from independently controlling the wallet. Moreover, Web3Auth simplifies wallet recovery with multiple-factor authentication options such as verification through social media accounts, email, SMS, or trusted devices, assuring users can easily recover their wallets without risk of losing access.

This integration will enhance both mainstream and crypto-native users’ experiences by simplifying the power of their rollups through Web3Auth’s configurable MPC Wallet-as-a-Service on the Zeeve RaaS platform. It reduces rollup deployment and management complexities and provides a finely-tuned authentication experience. Our RaaS is already compatible with various Ethereum rollup stacks such as Polygon CDK, zkStack, Arbitrum Orbit, and OP Stack, all of which integrate smoothly with Web3Auth while developing their rollup or appchain.

“Traditional wallets need more mainstream readiness if we consider onboarding millions of users to web3. That simply means you need better UI/UX experience to bridge this web2 <> Web3 gap. Web3Auth aims to do this with a configurable MPC wallet infrastructure that can be integrated seamlessly into any application. And now, with this integration support on Zeeve, anyone can launch their OP/ZK rollups and custom appchains with all sorts of integrations, including Web3Auth, but minimal infrastructure management headaches.” 

Dr Ravi Chamria

co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

“Web3Auth presents a huge opportunity for rollups and infrastructure projects to create userflows that are so simple they can onboard both mainstream and cryptonative users alike. By offering versatile sign-in options and multi-factor authentication for all Zeeve’s RaaS users, we are practically making rollups accessible to any regular internet user, with non-custodial wallets an easily pluggable feature for those who wish to create layer 2’s and appchains.”

Zhen Yu (Zen) Yong

Co-Founder at Web3Auth

As we expand our integration partner ecosystem, we are providing more options for our community to launch powerful rollups and appchains. This benefits our extensive network of over 30,000 Web3 startups and 40+ institutions. It also supports all users of Web3Auth seeking to leverage a managed infrastructure partner for their custom L1 & L2 solutions.

Zeeve RaaS also includes a variety of pluggable components into its ecosystem of integration partners, such as Alt Data Availability layers, sequencer networks, interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, account abstraction SDKs, data indexers, and more.

For more information or to explore launching a Rollup chain, visit our Rollups-as-a-Service page or contact our expert team to find the perfect infrastructure to meet your needs.

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