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5 Faves of the Week - 1

Highlighting my favourite NFT drops of the week!

5 Faves of The Week

Ive always wanted a platform to share amazing works and latest NFT drops of the week from artists that i admire! So.... I'm super excited to kick off a weekly section in my Newsletter to featuring my favorite 5 NFT art drops of the week!! The works range from illustration, animation, Collaborative AI and more! So lets dive in!

#1 : Loredangoo//@loredangoo
Meet Loredangoo, the Indonesian Illustrator extraordinaire! 🌟 Renowned for their irresistible cute, Kawaii, and downright adorable art style, Loredangoo draws inspiration from life, anime, and memes to craft works that'll have you grinning from ear to ear.

Lolo's latest masterpiece, "ancient romeow"! 🐱🌟 Invites you to dive into a delightful world filled with meme cats that are so outrageously kawaii, they're practically guaranteed to brighten up your day.

#2 : Eri Harigai//@eri_harigai
Eri is an NFT artist from Japan with a background in stage visuals/projection mapping! She has her artwork displayed all around the world from Dubai, Japan, Lisbon and many more.

She is an expert in fusing 3D and AI techniques in her works. Her work "Rosy Daydream" was inspired by those breathtaking sunsets during sakura season, this artwork is like a virtual stroll through a dreamy pink wonderland with lots of sparkles and glitter!!

Here Eri explains her process through Collaborative AI. She uses Stablie Diffusion to create her subjects, recolours them and also generates oranaments that she porters to Blender to complete her piece 👏👏.

#3 : Shavonne Wong//@shavonnewong_
Shavonne is a Singaporean fashion photographer turned 3d Artist who has Co-founded one of the largest Asian NFT Art community known as NFT Asia! She on the Forbes 30 under 30 to artists to watch and keep an eye on!

Her latest work "Shimmering Veil," is a personal reflection on self-identity and the masks we wear in life. Through this piece, she beautifully captures the feeling of being an observer in her own life and the struggles of self-acceptance.

The shimmering veil metaphorically represents the facades we put on to protect ourselves from vulnerability and judgment. Wong's message is clear: true acceptance comes when we allow others to see through the veil, exposing our genuine selves, and if they accept us, it's an acceptance that goes beyond pretense and insincerity.

#4 : Roberta Railaitė & Wickana // @RailaiteR x @witchkana
Celebrating spooky season and Friday the 13th with my two favourite darkart queens! 🎃🔮

Roberta is an artist based in Lithuania. Her work takes you on a journey through her own fever dream, where fear, anxiety, and the surreal collide in a symphony of emotions. Her illustrations are a portal to the depths of the human psyche, inviting you to explore the strange and unsettling feelings we often grapple with but find hard to articulat

Wickana is a talented Indonesian illustrator and visual artist, specializes in creating surreal, metaphorical, and beautifully disconcerting imagery. Her art is a profound reflection of her personal emotions and feelings, skillfully blending both digital and traditional drawing techniques. She draws inspiration from her daily life, old photographs, and folklore.

Their latest collaboration piece is made from our deepest nightmares.. also known as "Speciment 13". The specimen comes with a set of instructions: Fear it, pet it, eat it!

#5 : Loulanweu // @Loulanweu

Loulan is an incredible thai artist known for her intricate illustrations with tiny details that leave you discovering new elements in her work every time you revisit her pieces.

Loulan Weu's latest masterpiece, 'Faith,' weaves a rich tapestry of beliefs and cultures into a captivating visual narrative. At its heart, the piece depicts the enchanting Moon festival, where the white snake and rabbit emerge as harbingers of good luck to those fortunate enough to bear witness.

As we wrap up this week's artistic journey, remember that the world of creativity never sleeps. Stay inspired, keep exploring, and continue to support the incredible artists who make our world more colorful. Until next week, may your days be filled with art, wonder, and endless inspiration! 🎨🌟

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