Crypto Data Landscape 2023.01

1. Layers

  • Data App: mostly for users, applications related to data, metrics etc.

    • consumer: targeted at consumer, and into daily use; e.g. @coinmarketcap @coingecko

    • business / pro: targeted at pro users, and generally w/ in-depth query features, i.e., you can query the data in different way you wanted (vs. in consumer app you just get the data. e.g. @nansen , @parsec_finance

  • Data Dev: mostly for developers to dev things related to data

    • analytics: used to analyze data, make dashboard; e.g. dune, flipside

    • indexing: infra used to serve data to front-end users. e.g. thegraph, covalent

  • Data Source: where data come from.

    • on-chain: public blockchains such as BTC, ETH BSC etc.

    • off-chain: CEX, Twitter, Github etc.

the order is also the data flow: data source -> data dev -> data app.

underscore means have decentralized design, e.g. thegraph, ceramic

2. Sector Lists


personal highlights for new services

  • data app

    • nansen, parsec; wacher, arkham catching up

    • bello, lidar, thirdwave for vertical analytics

  • data dev

    • dune; flipside catching up

    • space and time, zettablock

  • data source

    • ceramic, kwil, polybase

  • community

    • sixdegree, CN community

*should be able to search via twitter

3. Thoughts, Trends and Predictions

  • consolidation begins

  • undisclosed bearish opinion on certain part of the chart, shared w/ my fren in vc and startups fren already

  • infra >> features

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