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ZTalent Interview #1

Spotlight on David from Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Welcome to a special feature in the ZTalent universe!

This month, we're shining the spotlight on David, our esteemed Community Member of the Month. Hailing from Rio Gallegos, Argentina, David has carved a niche for himself in the world of music production and sound design. His journey is one of creativity, collaboration, and exploration into the realms of Web3 technologies.

Join us as we delve into an exclusive interview with David, uncovering the beats of his musical journey and his vision for the future of music.

Daniel Obuté: "Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in music?"

Davyd: "My name is Davyd, and I'm from Rio Gallegos, in the South of Argentina. I've been professionally involved in music production and sound design since 2013. My career initially revolved around audio for video games, trailers, and multimedia. My work can be appreciated in games such as Doorways, Hellbound (Metro and Stellaris, AAA games... sound design only), Out of Bound, The Black Heart, and Tenebris Somnia (currently working on). Three years ago, I started collaborating with artists from various parts of the world: Bela (Colombia), Ottavistyle (Venezuela), Simoney (Argentina), Draco, X&ND, and Jadyn Violet (USA), Fifi Rong (UK), and more artists continue to join to work with me." View Davyd's works

Daniel Obuté: "What inspired you to join ZTalent, and what specific goals do you hope to achieve within the community?"

Davyd: "I was inspired by the people within ZTalent; they possess a genuinely positive energy and provide valuable information. My goals in ZTalent are to learn, assist, and establish healthy connections aligned with creating and educating about new technologies and how to apply them to music, which is my professional domain."

Daniel Obuté: "How would you describe your musical style, and are there specific genres or influences that define your work?"

Davyd: "Choosing a musical style to define me would limit my abilities. I'm continually learning about musical genres, creating fusions, and constantly stepping out of my comfort zone. However, I have created music in genres such as metal, industrial, hip-hop, trap, electronic, reggaeton, pop, funk, Brazilian funk, afrobeat, drill, orchestral, sci-fi, horror, and more."

Daniel Obuté: "Are you currently working on any music projects, and if so, could you provide some details about them?"

Davyd: "I'm currently working on the game Tenebris Somnia, creating music and sound design in an 8-bit style. I'm also working on an album that blends sounds, styles, and cultures with Fifi Rong, a few more collaborations, and some singles as an artist, each project with a different musical style."

Daniel Obuté: "Are you open to collaborating with other artists within the ZTalent community, and what do you believe you can bring to a collaborative project?"

Davyd: "I'm open to collaborating with any artist who resonates with me. Regardless of the style, in a collaborative project, I can create music, sound design for promotional materials, audio mixing and mastering, and even provide artwork if the project requires it."

Daniel Obuté: "What skills or expertise do you possess that you believe could contribute to the growth and success of the ZTalent community?"

Davyd: "I can contribute my expertise in audio, pre and post-production, sound design, efficiency, work ethic, design ideas, and anything else I believe can help the project."

Daniel Obuté: "Do you have any experience with Web3 technologies or decentralized platforms, and how do you see them impacting the future of the music industry?"

Davyd: "I have experience with various Web3 platforms and different blockchains, some still active and others not. These technologies will undoubtedly change the music ecosystem, art, and gradually, aspects of our daily lives. We're in a phase of development, trial, and error. It will take several years of experimentation to achieve widespread adoption. Changing the mindset of how we consume music is the biggest challenge. Restoring value to music is possible but will take time and good practices."

Daniel Obuté: "How do you see yourself utilizing or benefiting from these decentralized features?"

Davyd: "I envision creating value for my music, establishing sustainable ecosystems for artists, new producers in Web3, collectors, and of course, growing my community, fans, and collaborators."

Daniel Obuté: "In your opinion, what are some challenges that emerging artists face today, and how do you envision ZTalent addressing or overcoming these challenges?"

Davyd: "The significant challenge for emerging artists is education and a shift in mindset. Transitioning to Web3 technologies and how to adapt them to their careers still requires a solid educational foundation. ZTalent can make this easier by having people connect via Zoom, talking to artists, providing straightforward yet useful information, and connecting them with artists who have been in Web3 for three years or more."

Daniel Obuté: "After exploring the platform, is there a specific feature or aspect of ZTalent that excites you the most, and why?"

Davyd: "I'm excited about the people involved, the valuable information provided to stay updated, and the simplicity in understanding things despite the language one speaks. I believe ZTalent has a solid foundation, and the community grows organically, something crucial in the long run."

As we conclude this insightful interview with Davyd, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to him for being the ZTalent Community Member of the Month. His journey and vision offer a unique perspective on the fusion of music and technology, inspiring us all to explore new creative avenues. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and updates from the ZTalent community.

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