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ZTalent Newsletter #12

Artist Spotlight: Voices Shaping the Future

Greetings, Future Rockstars!

In our 12th edition, we're excited to bring you the latest from the intersection of music and tech. This month features Daniel Obuté's inspiring musical journey with his new single "Change," and a deep dive into Mastercard's Web3 program, reshaping the future of music. Discover how these stories embody the spirit of innovation in the music industry.

Here's What to Expect from Each Newsletter:

Rhythm & Tech Digest: A weekly roundup of how technology is reshaping the music landscape.

PlugIn Pulse: A weekly spotlight on a tool or plugin that can redefine your music creation process.

ZTalent Vibes: The latest updates, news, and opportunities within the ZTalent community

Rhythm & Tech Digest: Daniel Obuté's Latest Drop "Change"

Daniel Obuté, a talented 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Nigeria, has released his new single "Change" on SoundXYZ. This song marks a significant turn in Daniel's life, reflecting his optimism and hard work. Featuring the amazing artist JED XO, the track is a testament to Daniel's journey and his commitment to spreading love and positivity. Listen to "Change" and support Daniel's inspiring journey.

PlugIn Pulse: Mastercard's Music Business-in-a-box: Empowering Artists in the Web3 Era

This week's spotlight, written by Charles Carr, another esteemed member of the Web 3 Academy Writers Guild, focuses on BeatKOR. Charles, a proficient copywriter in the Web3 and Telecom industries, shares his insights at

From Garage Bands to NFTs: A New Beat for Artists!

Being a tech-savvy artist, you’ve heard about Web3, where the rules of the web are being rewritten.

Well, an unusually notable player has entered this space, threatening to turn the music industry on its head.

A Music Business-in-a-box

Mastercard has recently stepped up to the mic and said, we hear you, we see you, and we're here to help you showcase your talent in this brave new world.

They're not just giving you a fish or teaching you to fish; they're giving you the fishing rod, the boat, and the wisdom of anglers who have sailed these waters before you.

Your Golden Ticket to the Big League

No matter what kind of music beats in your heart or where you're from, this program is your backstage pass to the digital economy's main stage. Think of it as your personal toolkit, brimming with everything you need to shine bright. You'll get hands-on access to the kind of resources that can catapult your music career into the stratosphere, including:

Educational workshops on Web3 topics such as NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies

One-on-one mentorship from industry experts:

  • Networking opportunities with other artists, fans, and industry professionals

Funding and support for Web3-based music projects

The program is also home to the Mastercard Music Pass NFT, a limited-edition NFT that provides holders with exclusive access to program benefits, such as:

  • Early access to educational resources and events

  • Special perks and rewards from Mastercard and its partners

  • A voice in the program's development and direction

If you are an up-and-coming artist and interested in exploring the potential of Web3 to take your career to new heights, then you must consider joining the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program.

It's where you can keep your finger on the pulse of what's fresh and what's buzzing in the art scene. So, if you're itching to ride the wave of the latest music trends and opportunities, this is your golden ticket.

A Nurturing Ecosystem for Artistic Growth

In addition to the above benefits, you also get to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Web3 and its potential for the music industry.

  • Learn how to create and mint NFTs, build a Web3 community, and monetize your music using Web3 technologies.

  • Connect with other artists, fans, and industry professionals who are passionate about Web3.

  • Gain access to exclusive resources and opportunities, such as mentorship, funding, and special events.

Again, if you are an emerging musician who is interested in learning more about Web3 and how it can be used to enhance your career, I encourage you to apply for the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program.


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ZTalent Vibes: Celebrating Daniel Obuté - Our Community Member of the Month!

We are thrilled to announce Daniel Obuté as the ZTalent Community Member of the Month for November 2023! Daniel's journey and his latest single "Change" have inspired many within our community. His dedication to his craft and his role in uplifting others in the web3 space are truly commendable. Join us in celebrating Daniel's achievements and his contribution to the ZTalent community.

It's been a blast sharing the latest and greatest at the crossroads of music and tech with you. From Daniel Obuté's awesome journey and his hit "Change" to the cool new horizons opened up by Mastercard's Web3 program, it's clear that our music world is buzzing with innovation. We hope these stories have sparked some ideas and excitement in you, just as they have in us. Can't wait to catch up again in our next edition with more fresh beats and tech treats. Until then, keep playing, keep exploring, and keep rocking this digital universe!

Catch You on the Flip Side,

The ZTalent Team

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