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ZTalent Newsletter #13

Harmonizing Innovation and Artistry: The ZTalent Journey Continues

Hello Future Rockstars!

We're back with the 13th edition of the ZTalent newsletter, and we've got a lot to share! You might have noticed we missed a week, but for a good reason - the ZTalent team was soaking in the vibrant atmosphere at Miami Art Basel 2023! This week, we're excited to dive into the colorful world of Art Basel and explore the latest in AI-driven music creation with Korus AI. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of our community, reflect on our inspiring journey at Art Basel, and look ahead to the future of music and technology.

Here's What to Expect from Each Newsletter:

  • Rhythm & Tech Digest: A weekly roundup of how technology is reshaping the music landscape.

  • PlugIn Pulse: A weekly spotlight on a tool or plugin that can redefine your music creation process.

  • ZTalent Vibes: The latest updates, news, and opportunities within the ZTalent community.

Rhythm & Tech Digest: Art Basel 2023 Edition

Art Basel Miami 2023: A Journey Through Creativity and Collaboration

This week's Rhythm & Tech Digest is a special edition, as the ZTalent team attended Art Basel in Miami, supporting artists from the ZTalent ecosystem. Art Basel Miami 2023 was a vibrant showcase of creativity and collaboration, featuring a dynamic array of art scenes from UVR, Beat Basel, and Soulverse. The event connected artists, musicians, and creators, each adding their unique touch to this incredible art festival. For a comprehensive summary of the experience, check out the ZTalent Art Basel 2023 Recap Video on YouTube.

PlugIn Pulse: Korus AI

Korus: Revolutionizing Music Creation with AI

Korus, an AI-powered music creation platform co-founded by Deadmau5, introduces a suite of tools for remixing content using AI and licensed stem files. The platform allows users to mint music and earn revenue, featuring interactive visuals, a layering tool, video recording, and a rewards program. The proprietary tool, "Sound Mosaic," composes music based on uploaded stem files, offering artists ownership and revenue-sharing opportunities. Read more on TechCrunch.

ZTalent Vibes: Community Leaderboard

Celebrating Our Top Talents: Daniel and Ohnahji

In the latest ZTalent Vibes, we're excited to showcase our community leaderboard, featuring top talents like Daniel and Ohnahji. Their achievements and contributions highlight the vibrant and talented community within ZTalent, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities within the ZTalent community!

As we wrap up this edition, a huge thank you to our ZTalent family. Your creativity and drive are the heartbeats of our community. Here's to more innovation, artistry, and shared success in the journey ahead.

Stay tuned, stay inspired!

Rock on,

The ZTalent Team

P.S. Your feedback is our melody! Let us know what resonated with you in this newsletter and what you'd like to see in the next. Your voice matters!

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