About us

At Paragraph, we're redefining writing. We're building tools that change how publishers, DAOs, writers, and creators build communities & monetize their content.

Founding Engineer

We're hiring our first two engineers to help build the future of publishing.

Employment type
North American time zones
Salary: $130k - $180k USD
Equity: 0.5% - 1%

About Paragraph

Paragraph is a web3-native publishing & newsletter platform that provides creators with new and innovative ways of building communities, connecting with their audience, and monetizing their content. We're supercharging newsletters & publishing with web3-native features: permanent & uncensorable storage; on-chain, portable social graphs; crypto payment rails; token-gated communities; wallet-to-wallet newsletters; and more.

We're helping thousands of creators - from DAOs, to NFT communities, to traditional writers - and we're backed by some of the top investors in crypto.

How we work

We're remote-first.

Remote work is the future, so we're committed to doing it right - and right from the start. The freedom to work remotely allows for deeper and more meaningful work, so we're a distributed team that places an emphasis on excellent asynchronous communication to collaborate. We're open to workers in North American timezones for now, but hope to support global work in the future.

We're product-focused and customer-obsessed.

We're building products that are simple, beautiful, and useful. We care deeply about the quality of our work - down to the last pixel - and we don't cut corners or make sacrifies to ship. We're passionate about building great software.

We firmly believe in good work-life balance.

People work their best when they're rested, happy, and fulfilled. Work on your own schedule with flexible work hours, and take as much vacation as you need to fully disconnect and recharge (Colin regularly takes 4+ weeks vacation a year).

We offer competitive compensation & benefits.

We're early stage, but we believe good work should be rewarded. You'll have a 401k, medical & dental benefits, generous equity grants, competitive salary, and unlimited (truly unlimited) vacation.

About the job

We're looking for a mid-level, senior-level, or higher fullstack software engineer to join our team.

You'll be self-directed, and empowered to make engineering and product decisions. You'd spend your time working on interesting user-facing features (including both the frontend and corresponding backend changes), and solving technical challenges that'll help shape the future of our products.

Must haves:

  • 3+ years of experience writing production software
  • Experience with both frontend and backend. (You don't need to be an expert in both, but being comfortable is a must)
  • Ability to work independently, in fast-paced environments with changing priorities
  • Primarily live between GMT-8 and GMT-5. Traveling and remote working in non-US timezones is OK, but most days of the year should be spent within US timezones.


  • You're a builder at heart; you've shipped products in the past and enjoy getting your hands dirty
  • You've worked in seed-stage pre-product-market-fit startups before and thrive in ambiguous & early-stage environments
  • You're a strong problem solver that loves learning

Bonus points:

  • You've been a previous founder
  • You're passionate about web3, cryptocurrency, and the creator economy
  • You've created content before in some capacity (blog, newsletter, podcast, book club, etc)

Our stack is entirely in Typescript. We use Next.js (Redux, TailwindCSS) and Node.js (Express). We deploy on Vercel, GCP, and Fly.io, and we rely heavily on GitHub and Notion. You don't need to have deep experience with all of these technologies, but being comfortable in both the frontend and the backend is important.

Since we're a very small team, we all wear many hats, so beyond software engineering you'd also be participating in growth strategy design & execution, managing GitHub issues, writing and improving documentation for the tools we make, working directly with customers, and troubleshooting problems for users in places like Twitter and Discord.

Also - we don't believe in technical interviews. You'll have two informal calls with our founder to determine mutual fit. We'll chat about the company, as well as your background, experience, and interest in the role.