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Early it is

this is gonna be my third daily story. not exactly sure whats the point of it all, but i love writing and noticed theres not much writing on farcaster. so why not?

please beware. some of my writings might be informative. most wont. dont subscribe if you expect tutorials, 101 guides or other sort of knowledge sharing formats. follow along if you are in for the ride, and want to enjoy a daily piece of brain dumping.

i've spent the earlier hours of my morning reading through paragraph and farcaster and went deeper into how degen allowances work; here's a great article on the matter. to be honest i don't care much about increasing my size. i believe its best to keep it organic. we are super early so you shouldn't worry much either.

i also tried to check out uncut. couldn't get an invite code, so if you wanna make this soul a happy soul, you know what to do. i guess you should be able to see my farcaster profile somewhere and dm. its 0xArtemis, quite easy to find in any case.

got me thinking, this early morning. it feels as if it was only last week when drakula popped out. oh wait, it was.

gets me thinking, this thought.

whats gonna happen if we keep seeing new products emerge on a weekly basis. if farcaster user growth keeps pamping. if base tvl continues on its steady path to 100 bn. if Artemis brings further reasons to be long on human race every day.

shall this be the beginning of a new bull, a new horizon. how well positioned are we. for if you are reading this, early it is.

unlike other articles, theres no gonna be no philosophers quoted today. for true philosophy resides nowhere but in the soul. cheesy bit to close, i know. i lil bit too inspirational for my taste as well. but hey, humans can set deserts to rain and mountains to crumble, but can not hope to change whats within them.

and thats the power of emotion.

shall this be the begnning of a new bull, never underestimate the power of emotion.

and remeber, early it is.

if you are as long as we are, you should join us. you should be/long:


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