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Long on the world we are building

im finally settling down to write again, sunday morning in the south hemisphere of the world. or maybe the north hemisphere, depending on where you are looking from. for better or for worse reality can be fixed to a single definition. reality, unlike blockhains, cant be consensed upon. reality is a living creature that breathes in and out every second, expelling thousands of millions of hundreds of parallel universes that are paradoxically enough interconnected.

in some of those universes dinosaurs are still alive. in some others dinosaurs enslave human race. in some other technology enlsaves human race, which in turn enslave dinosaurs. i wont delve into cheap sci-fi considerations, fear not. but what if….

we are long human race because we believe this is the best possible world we live in. and we trust this will continue to be the case

according to Spinoza’s pantheism god is not the creator of the world but the world is a part of god. Spinoza reached this conclusion following on a series of logical arguments upon which he intended to prove, a little bit ‘a la Descartes’, that there is not but one substance. so we we talk about Spinoza’s god we dont talk about old dudes with long white beards nor we refer to messiahs or profets or missionaries.

Libniz idea of the best possible world is a derivation of his theodicy, his work to accommodate for suffering and pain in a world that for centuries was claimed to have been created by a perfect, all good and all mighty god that looks on us. this paradox, known as the problem of evil, still troubles theologist and believers in all corners of planet earth.

Leibniz intuition, however, is quite simple. the world, with all its suffering and sorrow, is still the best we can ever get, for that god knows that the suffering and sorrow and pain, ohh the pain, are necessary conditions. and a world without the evils that apparently god can not impede would not be as good as this world, for it is the darkness of the rain that makes the light of the sunday morning sun shine so bright.

we have no idea what is the real truth of this world, but we choose to believe that humans are the best that they could be, not for what they do or did, but for what is to come.

we are long human race because we believe we are building the best possible world we can live in.

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