The lore of long

we are long on human race. thats all you really need to know. we are long on people building a new economy onchain. we are long on rockets breaking the barriers of time. we are long on science winning again diseases.

we are also long on art and culture.

and of course we are long on people celebrating around a piece of fire or shining in the moonlight.

we are long on people building frames. we launched a frame for the onchain community. we also launched a frame for the ham community. we created a frame guide for people to understand farcaster and won a 100k degen tip by binji.

we are very long on farcaster.

we are long on degen, so we built a frame to check your degen score. its not just a dashboard with your balance. its a top-notch state-of-the-art algorithm to transform your onchain $DEGEN activity into a proxy for your longness.

we are long on guild. and we are using guild to reward our community. those who are as crazy as us.

we are long on base. our next launch is related to base and its mantra, which you already now: onchain is the new online.

we are long on onboarding millions of people.

but layer 2, op stack and farcaster clients are not enough for that to happen. because in the end its not about the tech. its about the culture. to onboard millions of people and create a new onchain economy we need culture.

thats why we are infinitely long on memes and art.

we will use all our tipping power and the money we made with tips to support those creating the culture around long.

embrace the dino, embrace the infinite.

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