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soft house music beeping on my computer, while i take a look at Los Angeles' beach from my hotel window, and smile.

the city is full of nerds who gather for the first-ever FarCon, not knowing their lives will change forever.

on the 21st day, the chick begins to break out of the egg. funnily enough, this is our 21st-day building on Farcaster. and this is the very exact moment when we start breaking out of the egg. when we take Farcaster out of the warm and humid terrains of its breeding fortress and into the outer world. when we finally leave our mom's basements to feel the warm smell of the sunshine rays caressing our cheeks.

today we transform crypto forever. today we introduce in-real-life tips. a way to tip people you meet, people you like, people you want to help. the future of tipping. the natural next step in the most transformative economic force we've seen in the last 200 years.

the tipping mechanism pushed forward by the degen team and its never-ending hoard of degenerates will forever be remembered as a pivotal point in economic design. with the introduction of tips among the social network, we, the human race, finally found a fair and decentralized way to financialize attention. the beast was created.

21 days after Zima and I joined Farcaster, it's time for the dino to hatch. it's time to take the most novel financial innovation in recent history out of its egg and into the real world.

its time to just go and fucking tip real people, with real money.

its also time to move to the next step of Long. Its time to move $LONGer.

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