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A Look Inside the World of RedRum

As part of 1155Tech's Artist Spotlights I had the chance to get to know RedRum, his work, and his inspirations a little bit better. Read through our written interview below.

Redrum is an Italian digital artist who started creating digital art in June 2022 when AI tools combined with his previous software knowledge unlocked a new ability of expression. His art, often featuring surrealistic scenes in red hues, is inspired by various sources including films, literature, music, manga, and mythology.

The World is Gone

Anaroth: How has technological advancement over the last year and a half allowed you to express your artistic intent better? Or, do you find yourself wishing for the early days of AI tools?

Redrum: The latest technological advances in AI have given me the opportunity to make my artistic thinking tangible in an increasingly faithful way. I certainly hope that the evolution of the technology continues so I can continue to create a more realistic reflection of the ideas born within my mind. If the earlier versions of software unlocked my ability to create the current and future versions will help me refine.

Anaroth: How do you distinguish the right moment of inspiration to act on? What has the consistency of your thoughts, ideas, and preferences taught you about honing in on key moments and how to recognize them?

Redrum: It has been an effort to focus on the feelings I have that become more like a need to tell something. I’ve gotten better at recognizing that moment and feeling, but also separating it from the sharing of the work. Just because I have the feeling or need to create, doesn’t mean I have the need to share. I think that is why in the end most of the works I create I archive with the anticipation of releasing them when the moment is right. The creation and the release of the work are different acts for me.

My Way

Anaroth: What do you wish AI tools could let you accomplish with your art? How do you think that would change the way your work is viewed?

Redrum: I don’t think it is just the AI tolls that will improve but my ability to work in collaboration with the tools as well. I see how my prompt creation has become more refined, but at the moment I am succeeding for what are “simpler” scenes. When I think about the further advancement of AI tools I know I will be able to get closer to making the out the exact image that is displayed in my mind. I look forward to the day that the world gets to see my scenes in their complicated and intricate detail as I do.

When Red Called Me

Anaroth: How have your relationships with other artists grown in the past year and a half and what impact has it had on your work?

Redrum: My relationships with artists, collectors and builders is one of the things I appreciate most about this space and time in my life. The relationship with artists specifically is something fundamental in my journey of artistic and personal growth. In an environment that can feel niche, being able to see others constantly pushing and creating serves as a great source of inspiration and drive to continue to learn and perfect my craft.

Anaroth: Have you had a moment that brought you close to giving up? How do you fight back against doubt and disbelief?

Redrum: The artist’s life is one based on a kind of continuous uncertainty, you have to find the right balance and then never waver because a presence and consistency is valued. Have there been ups and downs? Of course, but the idea of quitting has never occurred to me. I have found that the events that happen to me end up breathing life into my works.

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