Purple Season 2

What kind of artistic interpretations and interventions of an iconic brand are interesting and appropriate? What does Purple Season 2 represent in the memetic and artistic evolution of Purple DAO? Let’s start with the technical limitations of the Nouns DAO generative mechanism. Random images are generated from a library and stacked one on top of the other, like a cake or PFP. Repetition of composition is restrictive but works with facial forms where cartoon features are stacked in a static composition: head, eyes, etc. This restriction is more of a puzzle and challenge when creating complex works of art. Each element in each layer must work with every other element in every other layer, like a Calder mobile. An exercise in harmony and balance. My approach was to create quadrant based generative compositions, which solves for several problems; it gives each layer a specific space to inhabit, with a variety of forms explored in each, while also allowing for compositional dynamicity. There are 7 layers: background, middle, foreground, horizontal, vertical, overlay and corners. Each has a different number of slides for an overall ~24 million combination possibilities. This design decision also gives Season 2 a unique and distinctive feel. The gestural and painterly elements are mostly from my hand, digital paintings. Each layer 0 background slide is either purple or partially purple for cohesion and homage to the original. The overall effect is something like abstract iconography, a barn quilt, or Rorschach. They signify, guide, and interrogate. The addition of empty slides allows for austere minimalism and colorful maximalist eruptions. The artist’s hand shows; they’re subjective and aesthetically have a point of view. This is on purpose and hopefully is a beacon for future seasons of Purple and projects like it, specifically those considering the possibilities of organization/artist collaborations.

Season 2 is an invitation for a weirder, more colorful, and dynamic future for Purple. XOXO - 0xen

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