As BTC Heats Up, So Do Ordinals | Issue #62

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Gramajo’s Corner


An interesting week for me. I recently sold my 1st onchain gameboy photography piece to OG (High In The City). I’ve been on an experimental kick recently with my photography in the post editing processing. The Gameboy pieces are easy to edit for the most part as I only have to pick the color palette I apply to them and then focus on getting them small so it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to mint haha. The frame and overall vibe in these images is more important than the details as the camera quite frankly sucks but it does lead to some cool pixelated images. Either way, OG has been a great support to my creative endeavors and having a collector of his caliber in my collector base does not hurt.

If you recall, I recently did a mint on base as gas has been ass to mint onchain and that piece sold out in a couple of hours. Well I have another mint on base titled San Sebastian for the city by the ocean in the Basque country. This past summer I had the chance to visit this city for a little over a week and I fell in love with it. Super walkable city, great weather and views by the ocean. After a nice late lunch my family and I went on this walk in the middle of the city where the river flows into the bay/ocean. If anyone is interested in minting this piece, it is still available I as I have not really promoted it.

Looking ahead at some of shenanigan's I have going. Later this week, I will be dropping my artist feature on ZeroX (March 6th). On March 20th I will be dropping my artist feature on Bastien. A couple days after, I will be hosting an AMA with Bastien as well on Farcaster, so make sure to join my channel on there. This will be an opportunity for readers to ask follow ups to the interview. And then we wrap up the month with the Tiffatronn giveaway and Read Write Own by Chris Dixon giveaway.


A bit different than usual. But I did want to share an app I am not affiliated with in any way shape or form. I will not be making any money off of this. But there is an called Opal that really has helped me with taking breaks from web3. I know as things are heating up, we are all staring at our phones more and more. And even as a creator in the space, I have to be on my phone alot but this is something I personally don’t want. So when I am with my kid, I try super hard to not be on my phone shit posting on discord. And it is way easier said than done. This app helps my smooth monkey brain put my phone down. So take care of yourself and if you need a break, but it is hard, give that app a go.

NFT Space

Ordinals continue to keep getting more and more attention from artists and collectors.

UnderscoreX0 dropped his first ordinals piece and it was an absolute banger. Conquered Darkness is a fantastic entry into the space and the ordinals community did not disappoint by minting this piece out in a relatively short time at least by BTC standards since it is slow haha. UnderscoreX0 goes into depth in this thread on what this piece means to them and a bit on the process behind inscribing on ordinals.

By the time you are reading this, you will have noticed Ryan Koopmans is at it again with another recursive inscription. Beyond The Veil is another dynamic NFT that changes scenery based on the time. The last time Ryan dropped a piece similar to this, it sold for 0.5BTC. You can find more information about the auction here.

Gamma also recently announced a new curator program in an effort to onboard new artists to ordinals. With 6 curators and each one bringing in a new artist each quarter, we are bound to see 24 new high quality artists dropping ordinals, at least. I currently have met and discussed ordinals with at least 10 artists now so this is why I think you should be paying attention to the BTC side of things.


And in the words of Notorious B.I.G “If you dont know, now you know”

Moving over to the Eth side of things. MagicEden launched their Eth NFT Marketplace after much anticipation. Although the volume of it has not eclipsed the likes of OpenSea or Blur, the strategic move to honor royalties means that after this launch, BAYC IP was blocked from previous marketplaces.

Some other major news, is Gemini was able to secure 100% of the funds for its users who used Earn. I personally had some BAT and random tokens on there so it will be nice to be made whole but it was never a substantial sum as I got fishy about all yield tools and moved my money before things went sour which worked out really well for me. But For others like Ryan Talbot, this new is extremely welcomed as he has over six figures locked in Earn. It might not be as big as the Blast airdrop, but all signs are pointing in the right direction for NFTs to take off soon (NFA).

MendezMendez dropped his collab piece with 6529 Meme card collection. Allegory of a Meme is an amazing title and piece by Mendez. And it seems the 6529 community agrees with the floor being now at .18 or 3x the initial price. I know that Mendez has applied on a couple occasions before so for him to finally be selected is great news and I happy to see a friend succeed the way he is. Congrats brother!


Rarible seems to be cooking something up on their end. They announced a new next gen API that is claiming to give real time data, support for multiple marketplaces/blockchains and more. This is clearly meant for more technical folks than creators, but in the end better APIs will hopefully have downstream impacts for collectors and creators on the tools they currently use. Let’s see what others build to make our crypto experience more enjoyable.

Lastly on the Farcaster side, the transaction spec for frames is now public. Which means after some comments and reviews from the community we may start seeing frames on Farcaster where you can mint without ever leaving the page/site. Which should be amazing for creators and everyone involved in that community. Make sure to check out my channel on there, 0773H, where I am currently dropping a daily cast on which tools, links have caught my eye in web3. As well that is where we will be hosting AMAs in the future.

The word for this weeks read is, “mariachu”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

Between Worlds by Des Lucrece sold for .15BTC (about 10k USD). This a .05 increase from the sale. Des continues being popular in ordinals, with high demand for his Bitmon collection.

Speaking of, Lucrece’s Genenis Bitmon sold for 406,400HKD which is a little over $50k+ USD.


BIOLOGICA by fvckrender sold for 7eth. A gorgeous orange piece that will be on display in Italy later this year.


The legendary Mariachu or Picacahario or whatever you want to nickname it, sold for $5,200 USD on Courtyard. I just know I want this card, so congrats to the buyer on acquiring a grail.


EYHEKIF by Neurocolor sold for 2.5 ETH.


Warning by Ripcache sold for 1.9eth. With the price of Eth up, it appears the time to get yourself a Data Swamp piece by Ripcache is now.



Things I am looking forward to.

It looks like we are getting some more Web3 based books in the near future. And I know some people were making fun of them a little earlier, but I really do enjoy them. Aleks had a nice tweet on what books are out there right now to add to your reading list. I am currently reading Read Write Own. I also created a web3 book club if anyone wants to join that. It is all free, but figured it was a nice way to talk about books relevant to our space.

Lakon announced a new collection or maybe it is a part of the MEIOS collection we have now. But MEIOS ASTRA which I am assuming is tied to the stars is dropping later this month. I am big fan of what Lakon is building and his style is super distinct and recognizable at this stage. As a warning I am a currently MEIOS holder but regardless I am excited for more MEIOS drops. Also check out this amazing visual the homie, m1racl made of the MEIOS universe that Lakon is creating.


ACK print factory seems to be back up and running after the closure of ACK’s previous shop he was using in Brooklyn, NY. I personally am happy to see ACK have his print shop back up as I can personally attest to the quality of the previous ones and this current batch of I Made These Roses For Your Girl prints are absolute amazing. The colors are impeccable.


About 12 hours after shipping this newsletter we will see who wins the XCOPY Sotheby’s auction. Data_lords is currently at 150k USD or 43eth for a 2020 piece. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this auction as we get closer to the end.


Kith dropped some new Lebron x Fruity Pebbles and I swear I don’t know if it is the boomer nostalgia in me, but GEEZ these are absolutely fire and beautifully done. Check out this reel by Arab Lincoln, highlighting the details and packaging that comes with this drop.

As a Raider fan, these silver and black Jordan 12s are tough AF.


Lastly, I don’t know about you guys, but I am getting really strong Official NFT Pokemon vibes from this trailer. What do yall think?

Meme Of The Week

With gas being ass all this week, I felt this was appropriate.



Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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