NSFW XCOPY NFT Sales For 898k | Issue #68

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Gramajo’s Corner


It has been a wild week for me work wise. I am headed to Guatemala to go see my father and the lead up to time off for me just means I have at least 7 back to back meetings each day until it is time to go.

On the crypto side of things, I’ve been scheming on creating a DAO. I have a very specific purpose for this DAO outside of collecting art and it has been fun to put some items into action. Hopefully in the future I will be able to share some more details. For now I continue building it up.

I recently spun up a bonfire site for users to access token gated content. As I move more and more onchain, I plan to leverage more web3 based tools. It makes it super easy for users to access the right content without needing log in details.

Speaking of moving more onchain, I recently spoke to a founder looking to launch a zealy like tool which I will be testing, so I am now beginning to rethink some strategies around my content and collectibles. I plan to make them all free to mint as they will play/count as points in this new model, so some alpha is collect the posts.

I’ll be dropping a piece for 4/20 this year on Friday, previous collectors of mine on eth are eligible to get it for free. Lastly, I will be dropping my new artist feature with LexDoom this week, premium subscribers get access Wednesday and the rest get access later this week.


We need to start with the biggie this week. The SEC is suing Uniswap. This is 100% something everyone should be keeping an eye on. Uniswap is completely decentralized so this is nuts. It would be the equivalent of suing the creator of the email protocol or internet protocol because we have “bad” people using those same protocols.

Proton recently acquired Standardnotes. Not crypto related but as an advocate of privacy this one caught my attention and I am pretty happy to see Proton acquire Standardnotes (which is a fantastic note taking app). The previous acquisition of Proton acquiring SimpleLogin has been great so I suspect this one will go well. Highly recommend Proton to those interested in leaving Google.


Zora is bridging the gap for those in web2 with this new feature. Zora recently announced you can buy NFTs with a credit card or Apple Pay. Although some may not be happy with this news, it does help onboard more and more people to web3.


Party has been on a tear recently, and on the heels of the new iOS app they launched three new features. The two big ones being, now all token holders can join a chat making it easier to coordinate. The second being, more transparency around a token distribution if you are using their crowdfund feature.

Farcaster announced plans on how to scale to a million users, but more importantly Varun mentioned he wants to keep the hardware specs for nodes to remain cost effective or competitive which signals to me they are really being thoughtful on how to scale and grow with the protocol.


Staying on the Farcaster side of things, Gallery announced sign in with Farcaster support. I’ve been going down a ton of rabbit holes with apps that support FC log in. Being able to port over your followers is just an amazing breath of fresh air.

DEGEN dropped on price recently and has been all over the place but the building of the ecosystem continues which makes me bullish on the token long term (NFA). You can now explore the whole ecosystem with an app called Jeeves, which I suspect pays homage to the boomer in me. Interface app which is a tool I use to track some wallets and digest the blockchain and what is happening, now supports DEGEN as well. Zapper, a tool i’ve been exploring a bit more, now supports DEGEN Chain. Really the pace of development of the space is insane. Lastly, I wanted to call out Nicktoon for building this slick frame for me, where we can now have a github activity view of the days we have fully exhausted our DEGEN, bravo my friend and thank you!

Image embeds on cast

The Zealy.io word for this weeks read is, “x gon give it to ya”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

XCOPY continues defying most peoples expectations, this past week, iconic 1/1 All Time High in the City traded hands and was acquired by Cozomo de’Medici. The last time this piece moved, it sold for 5.2 million USD back in January 2022.

This isn’t the only X piece that has sold this week, the sales bot has been popping off all week, with many people getting FOMO. Another piece that made waves from X this week was 0, which sold for 255ETH or about 900k USD. Which I am sure, someone in web2 will see this NFT sell and just lose their mind at the crazy stuff we buy here in web3 lol.


Other sales include but not limited to: Last Human Police 2039 sold for 45.0 ETH, New Teeth 2033 sold for 50.0 ETH, $LAVE sold for 125.0 ETH.

Warothy #7 by ACK sold for 3.5ETH or about 13k USD.



Things I am looking forward to.

On April 18th, Grant Yun will be dropping his first SOL drop. A long time in the making for Grant and Sol, will you be picking up a piece?

The Bitcoin Halving (where the rewards for miners gets cut in half and statistically the price goes up due to demand) is potentially happening on 4/20 which would be hilarious.

Gamma is dropping four new artist ordinals piece this week before the halving. Notably including Tiffattronn and Axstonee. Tiffa on Ordinals, is the one that has me hyped.

On April 16th, Cana will be dropping a new collection titled Voyagers. The previews, the frame and marketing overall have been on point. He will be using Highlights DEGEN mint which will be one of the first that I have seen. Definitely have my eye on this one (NFA).

Meme Of The Week

I got two for you this week. If words aren’t getting your message across sometimes an image is worth a thousand words. Or at least that is how 0xdiid got Foundation to realize they need to fix SVG art which impact a ton of onchain artist and more.


With so many moving to Farcaster the past couple of weeks, this one cracked me up.

Cast image embed


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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