Refuge In XCOPY Continues | Issue #69

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Gramajo’s Corner


A hectic week for me traveling with my toddler and attending a wedding out here in Oaxaca, Mexico. As a reminder, no new issue next week as I will be taking some time to be with family. Will come back with a vengeance as I have some dope interviews and collabs lined up.

Last week I dropped a new artist feature with LexDoom and it was a blast to do this. Such thoughtful answers and really made me learn more about him as a person and artist. If you missed it, make sure to check it out below.

Been doing some research on how to do some physicals for the photography that is not a printed image but more of scattered plot pen image. Nice little rabbit hole of spending time there.


I’ve been trying to up my technical game a bit more on web3 mostly so I can understand better and so I can write about it for my readers. I really enjoyed this piece on how complex “just sending 1 DAI” really is. The breakdown is really well written just be warned it’s a bit long but a great read imo.


It has been a while since I have covered something on the Tezos side, but this preview from got me hyped af. A lot of the features they showed are not new, but what stood out to me is how clean the UI looks and feels.

Yungwknd this past week dropped a free edition piece that has some beautiful outputs titled “Melt Into Pepe” highly recommend checking out some of the outputs and following Youngwknd as they are always up to something special in the gen art space.

Over on the Farcaster side of the world; both Base L2 and DEGEN Chain an L3 (will be covering this shortly) led the way in terms of txs for their respective levels. Doing 4x the amount of tx than ETH L1.

The home feed algo for Fastcaster was updated recently but the biggest thing that stood out to me is that you can view why certain posts are present in your feed. This level of transparency is something that I really enjoy on the approach of DWR and team. The other great thing about this open protocol is that if you don’t agree with any of these changes other apps are able to give you a more “raw” feed. The team is also supporting open source apps which really drives the point, if you want control of how things are viewed, there is a flavor out there for you.

Ramit and team are working on spaces equivalent for Farcaster and man does this things look reallllll sweet already. It natively supports tipping spaces which could incentivize creators like myself to not only start hosting spaces but creates a path for sustainability. I am hoping to get access ASAP so I can start hosting my spaces that I’ve had in mind for a while.

Lastly, I wanted to take advantage of thanking Baz.eth, Nicktoon, Samuellhuber for creating the greatest cast action of all time (for me at least). They created a Readwise cast action and for those that know me, I am huge lover of Readwise as a service and this helps a ton with the creation of this newsletter. So thank you my friends! I am sending you each 2,500 DEGEN for your efforts. I also started creating a database of my favorite actions and frames which you can find here.

Notable Sales

XCOPY continues pumping real hard. Hard to know what happens next from a pricing perspective but many do seem to find shelter in XCOPY and his work. $LAVE sold to legendary collector and bathtub partner in crime, Batsoupyum for 315 ETH.

Last Selfie sold for 277.3 ETH. I saw a comment from another content creator confused on why an edition piece like this one is “worth” more than some 1/1 from XCOPY. It can seem counterintuitive that an edition piece is worthy more but the cultural significance of a piece should be taken into account. Last Selfie is one of those piece that I can easily see worth more than some of the XCOPY 1/1s. Not all 1/1s but this is definitely a special piece.

I don’t usually cover PFPs but this may be the 1st time we have a spin off of Punks that can take off/are taking off. BasedPunk #1135 sold for 13.4 ETH, around 41k USD.


Things I am looking forward to.

We have a new batch of 6529 Meme Artists, my favorite from this batch being Cemhah.

TheDigitalCoy recently inscribed their 1st ordinal and was happy to have helped in a small way. I met with DigitalCoy via a phone call and after that shared my one page doc. Happy to have onboarded another artist to Ordinals. It looks like on top of the 1/1 drop there will be an OE as well for those interested.

Alpha Centauri Kid will be dropping a new SuperRare piece with a bidders edition soon.


SADBOI has been one of the artist on my radar for a long time, and one I respect the amount of history knowledge and creative direction he takes his art. When I saw he recently dropped a new Magic The Gathering card he designed, I knew instantly I needed this card in my collection. So the hunt begins for the black label 10.

Don’t judge me but I still wear a polo on occasion when I am too lazy to dress up all the way lol. These Killer Acid textured terry polo shirts are pretty awesome. Would love to pick up one up to go golfing.

In case anyone was on the market for a KITH x BMW M4, here is your chance. I had no clue that KITH ever did this, but this is pretty dope.

Meme Of The Week

I am currently traveling right now with my family. But this one by reader Chefspin had me rolling, because if anyone asks me what I am doing the 1st weekend back from travel what I am doing, I will show them this meme.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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