Onchain Summer Heating Up | Issue #71

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Gramajo’s Corner


Another week in the books. Personally the weather here in California has been really nice so I find myself chasing after my kid more and more instead of being online too much.

This past week I did a bit of digital housekeeping. With gas so low I spun up a multisig wallet for ETH, which I plan to move more expensive assets to. I already have a pretty cold storage wallet but I have a multisig for my bitcoin so might as well spin one up for ETH assets. This is a slight reminder for you as well, if you want to do something similar, gas is dirt cheap right now on L1 so get on it.

Speaking of low gas, I recently wanted to mint a piece onchain but the recent move by Manifold has made it so I can’t see my creator contract to mint, so hoping gas stays low in the future. I recently created an onchain store where I am currently exploring selling some prints as I want to mess around with some pen plotters and my photography.

This week I am dropping a new artist feature, on Wednesday Ogi subscribers will get first access to new feature with Bassil Taleb, on Friday I will open it up to all readers that want to read it for free. Next week I am dropping a new episode of the podcast, this episode I sat down with Jake from Courtyard (not from StateFarm). Speaking of the podcast, I recently completed my move to Base thanks to the new migration tool from Pods. You will definitely want to collect next weeks podcast episode (its free) trust me.


The bear takes another company. This time in Americana, which was looking to bridge physical art with their NFT counterparts. With the rise of physical artwork combined with NFTs these past 18 months, I really thought Americana would have had great demand but it seems that in the end it wasn’t working for them. Really sad to see a RWA company go down, but here is to hoping another company or person comes through and fills this void someday.

When it rains, it pours I guess. Peer to Peer trading of Monero took a bit hit; LocalMonero is shutting down operations. It really does feel like privacy is at risk of being outright banned with everything else that is going on.

Looks like Solana devs are working on creating their first onchain social network. I am not too tapped into the Solana space so if I am wrong on this being the first or one of the first, my bad but yall need to work on your marketing haha. This looks to be going after the Instagram playbook and as someone that despises Instagram, I am intrigued to see how this roll out goes for not just this specific company but for Solana’s first social experiment app.

The NFT Display market is one that has a ton of potential if done right. Currently right now I have a Tokeframe but those are not cheap. WhiteWalls is a new company looking to disrupt this space by leveraging the TV you already have in your home. Hopefully you will step your game up when it comes to cable management if you are going down this path but it is nice to see someone innovate in this space.

Moving to the purple side of things. This came out of Farcon so I am bit behind on it, but thanks to dylsteck.eth I was able to see the hackathon projects and how the prizes were distributed. On that list, Pigimon was on there and I had zero clue what it was but the name had me intrigued. This is basically an onchain piggybank and I am here for it. The gamification of savings money has done wonders in web2 for many but bringing that tech onchain is the the cherry on top. I opened one up for my daughter and look forward to giving her this when she is older. I really like that when you first set it up, it feels like pokemon where you get 3 types of starters (fire, water, grass). The Pigimon also evolve which is pretty epic and the team/Andrew are very responsive. If you have younger kids and want to get your kids educated on crypto and finances this seems like a fun way of doing it.

The Farcaster team was discussing on how to open up Direct Casts as an API but as all things are in Web3, by the end of the week they had an early spec and release for the people to start using. The speed that people move at is sometimes jarring. Quickly from there, the PERCS team announced a way not just for brands to reach out to people via DC but also for influencers. For those not familiar with PERCS, they enable Shopify customers to create frames inside of Farcaster for a more seamless check out process. A highly desired space as there are other companies going after this space as well. PERCS aren’t the only ones gearing up for an imminent launch leveraging this new API. Woj the creator of Supercast.xyz, is teasing a new feature where you can automatically send DM to specific users you choose to help you boost a new cast. I am sure that we will see more and more companies finding unique ways to leverage DCs on Farcaster in the near future.

Image embeds on cast

Pods recently announced a new way to buy or crosschain mint. And this one has me really excited, just like how Courtyard leveraged behind the scenes tech to allow users to pay with base eth even though they are on Polygon, Pods is doing the same with this feature. Whatever chain the podcast you want to collect in is, they will take care of the swap for you with whatever money you have. Obviously right now there are specific chains it supports, but the fact that more and more brands are moving in this direction makes me bullish. If we want to onboard the masses, it shouldn’t matter that you only have Optimism Eth when you need Base Eth to mint a podcast, nft or whatever, let the tech to magic and you are on your way. Bravo to the Pods team!

Image embeds on cast

Fabric/Hypersub which is an onchain Patreon like service has been delivering more data for creators. They recently dropped an expanded view of the metrics as well as definitions on what the data is showing via this latest update. All of this can be toggled off if you don’t want this level of detail but as a nerd, I love this easy to read breakdown of what the onchain data is showing. I asked Jonny as well about sending a churn email or what the process can look like to see if we can at least send a survey or something to learn why someone did not renew their sub and was told that is already in the works.


Not only did Limone.eth recently announce a new farcaster client that prioritizes longer form content called Stringz this past week. He also showed up what the future could look like with his demo of a tokenbound ai powered agent. A fancy way of saying that if you currently own a based punk, you can deploy your own personal agent tied to your specific based punk. It can do transfers, swaps, bridge and more on your behalf. Nuts to think this is all relatively new tech so in a decade or so, this can really grow/expand.

Not web3 related and a bit random, but shoutout to Steve for bringing this to my attention. Coffee people are a unique breed and something about ordering coffee via SSH (terminal coffee) just hooked me instantly. I don’t even like Brazilian coffee too much (as a Guatemalan ours is top 3 in the world imo) but this is the type of hoops I want to jump through haha.


Things I am looking forward to.

I was recently going back to my FrenPet, Friend.Tech, Courtyard wallets a found a decent amount of ETH just sitting there. And I got a bit irked that my three wallet approach of a hot, warm and cold went to shit when it came to these embedded wallet set ups. I lost track of where funds sat and I don’t really go to most of those accounts (except Courtyard) so I am EXTREMELY happy to see that Privy has also thought about this fragmentation issue and they are working to resolve this with a global wallet. Privy continues empowering apps on onboarding as many users as possible and on the back end they are also helping us the user have a better experience. This is a great feature I look forward to trying and implementing ASAP.



I’ve been a big fan of the Japanese jerseys for soccer and the J League for a long time. Japan tends to have some bangers when it comes to clothing. This jersey has to be one of the hardest ones I have seen in a minute. From the flowers, to the colors, this is a legit must have for me.


I got two shoes this week that are tough AF. These really old school blue and white dunks with gum soles I am looking to pick up for summer. Extremely subtle shoes but a banger.


I love Jordan 3s, it is up there with one of my top five shoe silhouettes. For me specifically, it is the shoe that got me into the sneaker game so I have high regards for this shoe, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt haha. But these Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 3s in orange and green are killers. The orange in these just POPS.

Meme Of The Week

Seems like most of yall already forgot about the eclipse and moved on to the northern lights lol.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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