Basquiat Piece Sells For 32 Million | Issue #72

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Gramajo’s Corner

Slowly transitioning my daughter to 1 nap a day and it has been brutal sleep wise on my end. But we continue pushing along and nothing a little coffee can’t fix.

This past week I dropped my most recent Artist Feature, with Bassil Taleb. In case you missed that, you should read that, i’ll link it below for you.

I recently threw my name into the hat of Purple DAO for some sort of recognition . If you enjoy my content, if you could like or recast that would be greatly appreciated.

This week I will be dropping a new episode of the podcast (my first one on Base). I sat down with ChefSpin aka Jake (Not From Statefarm). The episode will drop on Wednesday/Thursday for premium subscribers and Friday for free subscribers. You will definitely want to collect this piece as I will be doing a raffle of a pokemon card for those that collect.

A couple of other things I am working on. I am working on creating an onchain loyalty rewards program. This is a reimagined approach to those who use Zealy. I am pretty gassed on this one and I will share more the closer I am to launching. Next, I am working on another guide on how to become a fully onchain content creator for Onchain Summer which kicks off in June. Lastly, I shared recently that Capn will be doing an exclusive drop with me for subscribers and I am giddy af as I have really enjoyed his art.


I’ve been reading a book about how to be better at having in real life events or social events. It is called The 2-Hour Cocktail Party: How to Build Big Relationships with Small Gatherings by Nick Gray. I have mostly been researching more and more about to build better communities, this includes digitally and IRL. So I found this post by Sriram, extremely relevant to this research I am doing. I highly suggest you read the post as it really lays out some thoughtful observations on what makes online communities thrive.


Going to start with the shitty news as I don’t agree with this one. Tornado Cash dev, Alex Pertsev was found guilty for this work on Tornado Cash. The first time we have seen a dev get sentenced for writing code. Why this irks me, is that this sets a horrible precedent for the future. This would be the equivalent of the founder/creator of email protocol being sent to jail because the cartel uses email to coordinate drop off locations of cocaine in the kilos. It makes ZERO sense, this basically tells everyone, if criminals use your code that makes you a criminal.


Fresh from his recent funding from Nouns, 0xdiid launched Efficax 1.4 which enables creatives to deploy artwork fully onchain on base, optimism or main net ETH. The fresh UI/UX really makes it more professional to use and I am looking forward to minting a piece onchain to give this a spin. MEK also worked on some of the graphics and fonts for this version, which looks amazing!


Yungwknd collabed with IYK which powers/bridges irl and digital world that we live in. If you have played Yoink on Farcaster or king of the hill, then you will really enjoy this concept. Essentially the NFT lives with a signal box (government approved) and you can have the NFT until the next person takes it away from you. A really great concept and overall execution. If you live in the Seattle area, make sure to check it out!


Pixel Symphony, launched Archetypes on May 17th, and this has been a fun a project for me to mint. The variations are really unique, the colors are great and I have enjoyed discovering Pixel Symphony since joining Farcaster. The mint in on Base and it comes with some physicals as well. Since he is local to the San Francisco Bay Area, I had to mint some pieces in support. Maybe one day we can get him on the podcast or newsletter. Make sure to check out this drop as it is running for 7 days so you still have some time.

There is a new token going around called BUILD which has been given to people who are builders/devs in Farcaster. You just nominate your favorite builder and they get some of the BUILD token given to them or something along those lines as I am not a dev. The previous process to nominate wasn’t the smoothest so the goat aka Samuel L Huber, in true builder/dev fashion created a cast action to make it super easy to nominate people.

At this stage, nothing about the Farcaster community surprises me anymore. The time from idea to delivery is absolutely insane. I randomly went to channel /someone-build and said we should have a Foursquare x Farcaster social graph app and just a couple hours ago, I saw someone using it online lol. As someone who Just Does It and tries not to overthink things too much as I am already in my head too much, these are my type of people haha. With that said, Jon (correction Wagmi1337.eth created this frame) created a frame that can create a token within the comfort of Farcaster. What is interesting about this frame is that it is also does not allow for presales, team allocations and really tries to make it about as fair as it can be for future buyers.

Matthew, the creator of Events, teased us this past week with Channel calendars. Which I for a fact will turn on for my channel as I have livestreams, IRL events and more planned. Having a centralized location for all this onchain is going to be an amazing addition.

In case you have been going a little nutty on Farcaster with casts, emojis or whatever. Caststorage frame now supports USDC on Base and more. Making it extremely easy to get more storage so you can spam gm gm to more users haha.

Splits announced some new functionality around transactions, adding users to teams and more. Splits makes running a team onchain even easier. They are also looking to add some functionality with Farcaster soon, tx simulations and more (edit, looks like the FC send already got teased). As I look around, the coordination of teams/DAOs or just a herd of cats, seems to be getting better and better as time passes by.

Notable Sales

I think everyone and their moms is now into Basquiat, which is okay. But in case you missed this, The Italian Version of Popeye has no Pork in his Diet by Jean-Michel Baquiat sold for 32million.


Hell Raider by MEK sold for 1.75m sats or about $1,150 USD. Including this one as I MEK is cranking out some really great pixel work recently and I hope this is the beginning of his ordinals journey.


Things I am looking forward to.

Depending how long you have been reading the newsletter, you may know I am a big fan of AbsolutelyWrong. On Monday May 20th, AW will be dropping his 6529 Meme Card and it has to be one of my favorite ones in a bit.

One of the local homies I met here in the area is hosting a cool event this Thursday, so if you are in they Bay Area, make sure to check this out.


ZeroX continues working on his offline series, with season 2 in the works. I am hoping we get some previews and who knows, maybe I will make a go at one of them as I enjoy this series.


With channels moving towards a decentralized model, DWR and team share their vision on channels can change. The goal is for a lego approach, so you can mix and match which features you want for your channel and they all work nicely with each other. One of my favorite builders in the space Jtgi, did not waste any time on creating an automod feature which boosts or hides posts in channels based on having a hypersub subscription. Again, this place is special, and seeing this type of effort and speed, makes me more excited each and every single day. The future is bright and I am here for it.


Probably going to be one of the more controversial does to drop this year, but Birkenstock is dropping a new silhouette (Reykjavik) and honestly, I vibe with these pretty damn hard. I am 1000% picking up a pair of these and don’t be a hater, I know you like these too lol.

As you know from last weeks post, big fan of Jordan 3s. These J Balvin Rio colorway are pretty damn hard. If you are a Phoenix Suns fan, these should be on your purchase list.

Meme Of The Week

Me every Moday tying o figre out where to post my newsletter lol.

Image embeds on cast


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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