!Wen DOGE ETF? | Issue #73

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Gramajo’s Corner

Long weekend for American’s but figured enough happened this past week, we need an issue. So lets dive in.

In case you missed it, last week I dropped a new episode of the podcast, which you can listen to below. Make sure to head over to pods.media to collect this episode. I will be doing a pokemon card giveaway for those that collect.

This week, I will be sitting down with Dalek and talking to him about his background, work and more. Ogi subscribers have access to this behind the scenes content, since Dalek also has a hypersub I will open access to his subscribers as well. You can register for the event here. I’ll package the content up later and drop it as an episode of the podcast sometime next month.

In preparation of onchain summer, I have also shared my how to become an onchain creator guide. If you are already creating content and want to move over to being fully onchain, make sure to check it out. If you do find this guide useful, please like and recast this.


Recently found out about this restaurant. Not sure if some of you know, but maybe you do based on my pictures of when I travel hah. But I usually plan my trips around where I am eating and then activities. I feel like one of the best ways to learn about a culture is by eating. So when I saw this come on my feed, I added it to the bucket list. I already wanted to go to Norway, wasn’t sure what to do there, but now I at least know I will eat here haha.


Well the big news I am sure you all have read and heard is the ETH ETF being approved. The crazy thing about this news is that, it went from a 25% chance of approval to out of nowhere 75+%. Like all things crypto, people moved on immediately to what is the next coin to get an ETF, most bets are on Solana. Also this past week, the House of Reps from the USA passed FIT21 and now moves to the Senate. On Bitcoin pizza day of all days.

Phantom wallet has acquired Bitski, a provider of embedded wallets. A really smart move by the Phantom wallet team. Privy which powers a ton of apps right now, like Courtyard, Friend.tech and more is getting really popular as we want to make onboarding users even easier. Acquiring a similar service provider that will focus on Solana will help Phantom assert more dominance but also control the user experience which the Phantom team does really well.

MendezMendez dropped a new collection this past week titled “The Balance Of Opposites” and boy oh boy are there some absolute gems on here. All 5 (1/1s) came with a physical, bidders editions. Really bummed my money was locked up in Coinbase, but really happy for all that collected and congrats to MendezMendez on the results, well deserved!

Beyond The Arches

Nouns or a subset of users in the Nouns ecosystem dropped a Nouns debit card. Honestly to me, this is one of the most interesting bits of news. I don’t have a Noun, but the types of projects is supporting and coming out from over there makes me want to buy one. This one is super interesting because you can earn $NOGS as you spend/use your card. But what got me thinking is we have a ton of coins out there and people are always complaining about utility etc. This just supercharges $NOGS and really if we can deploy this with other brands you can build some real brand loyalty. Don’t be surprised to see me drop a coin in the future, lol.

AlfaFrens opened up their API this past week and Tani wasted no time in incorporating this into his tool intelligent. The great thing about having so many builders in Farcaster is the speed of delivery. Also the integration and tightness of the tools being created for creators and more. Speaking of, seeing Tani add passkey support to intelligent makes me bullish on passkey adoption across crypto and web2 in general.

Since the opening of the Direct Casting APIs over in Farcaster, more and more apps are exploring ways on how to use them (thoughtfully). Hypersub will now message users when their sub is close to expiring which is great for me as a creator. Another great usage of the DC APIs is brought to us by Vocdoni, which you can now directly message users in a DAO to vote for something. Speaking of DC, you can now delete message requests in case you are an inbox zero person like me.

Interface has been one of my favorite ways to visualize what is going on in the blockchain and how I and others interact with it. I have mentioned them before in previous issues, they recently rolled out a new feature that I find really interesting which shows you where you entered, claimed or exited a position with a specific token. It is really cool and helpful to see how much off the top you bought haha ;).

Lastly, just like how working remotely used to be a pain or rare in the industry five+ years ago, I really do believe the growing pains we are going through right now with DAOs, or fully decentralized onchain teams, we are moving towards a world where it will be way easier and more common in the future. Luckily the Hats Protocol team is one of the teams leading the way for many of us. With the recent move of Farcaster Channels becoming decentralized, the hats team came up with a way to manage/share a channels, accounts and more with specific users. Think Active Director but onchain, and if you have no clue what that is, an easy way to think about this issue is, if you have a shared business account say 0773h on FC, instead of sharing a seed phrase with an intern, I have give them the role (”hat”) that allows them to post on my behalf. I will write something longer or ask them to hop on the podcast so you can get a deeper understanding.


I don’t usually get hotdogs but something about one after a football match, always calls my name. In the USA it is kind of hilarious how we all have hotdogs but eat them so differently and honestly most of them are pretty fire. So this summer, I will be participating in Log a Dog, because an onchain hotdog eating contest is wayyy tooo funny for it not to happen. So make sure to throw down this summer, I won’t win or even crack the top 100, but I am intrigued.

Seeing the synergy between two native onchain tools is always nice to see and seeing this new feature by Bountycaster and Hypersub/Fabric which enables bounties to be paid by gifting time to users is genius. I personally will be using this in the future for my sub, as I am bullish on myself with the upcoming 8 interview and 4 artist drops in the next couple of months!

I got my eye on this new 1/1 by Neurocolor on BTC, titled End of Time. The auction ends mid week, so most people should be back in the swing of things so I will be curious to see if this exceeds price expectations which I personally think it will.

Just grabbing my popcorn and watching this one from afar.


A bit different than usual, but this Rimowa x Aime Leon Dore jumped at me. The deep rich green plus the gold accents got me. All I know is, don’t be one of those people who wraps their Rimowa in a plastic cover.

I don’t know if it is because I grew up in Marin or because I am immigrant and the magazines that made it to Guatemala are all of people dressing in a preppy style. But I fuck with Polo hard, not as much anymore, but overall what they did what the brand in the early 90s and 2000s, I dressed like this. These Wimbledon x Polo Ralph Lauren is a clean ass collab. Also that Wimbledon x Rolex is giving me some strong second thoughts on adding a new watch to my collection.

Kith is dropping a Seoul, Korea collection in celebration of them opening a new flagship store there and man oh man there are some gems in this drop. From an ASICS drop to a Clarks collab.

Meme Of The Week

My wife has been going off on me on microplastics and for some reason this one just absolutely killed me (and I guess the fish) lol.


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