$45,000 Sneakers | Issue #74

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ENSv2 was announced this past week and it looks to be a step in the right direction. With gas reaching crazy lows on L2s it looks like ENS will be moving parts of their infrastructure to an L2 and I am bullish on this move. This should make people wanting to get an ENS even more accessible which is what we ultimately want.

Chef teased us with this during the podcast, but it is now official that the Courtyard vending machine can be found inside the coinbase wallet. Which should make this a summer time hit with onchain summer now underway.

Fellow reader, Yungwknd dropped a new piece this past week with Jordan Lyall, and it minted 849 times! The market right now is super tough for NFTs and art but I am happy to see that so many liked this piece and to date it is the largest mint for the Prohibition Art team. Congrats to all!

SuperRare is working on supporting emerging artists by giving a guest curator access to funds to support them. The first month will be done by BatSoupYum, which has been recently making killer pickups so I have a strong suspicion this months curation will be strong. If you are a SuperRare artist, make sure to drop a comment to Batsoupyum.

With the ETH ETF on lock, many are speculating on what ETF comes next. Solana seems to be the front runner for sure but I was happy to see Grayscale launching a Stacks (BTC L2) ETF. Stacks is a great platform and has definitely brought back excitement to the Bitcoin world for me.

Beyond The Arches

The speed this place ships at is nuts. Frames in Direct Casts seems like it was just an idea a couple of weeks ago and now we have already our first out in the wild. The fabric team ships also at an incredibly fast pace and they are one of the first to leverage this for creatives like myself.

Ever since Vitalik brought up having longer casts in Farcaster, it has been subject to debate by many technical folks. One person (a couple of others as well) who has been advocating for using IPFS is Justin Hunter and he recently gave us a preview of a client leveraging IPFS to store the longer content and what the flow could potentially look like. You can see an example here. I personally am super down for an IPFS approach. It makes sense that a decentralized social media use a decentralized storage solution. I totally get it might be slow or not up to spec but to me that means we should put efforts behind IPFS. The last thing I would want is a RSS vs Spotify debacle (my two cents). I am not claiming to be a technical person, but this is an interesting discussion to follow.

It looks like the VCs have found/discovered more Farcaster teams to support. Post FarCon, we have seen many teams receive funding to take their goals to the next level. The most recent team to get some funding, is the Neynar team. Neynar provides a ton of infrastructure for apps/teams building on Farcaster so this seems like a no brainer move. Congrats to the team and all those involved.

Vocdoni, a tool used by many to create polls that leverages blockchain tech recently announced it will now power votes for the people in Belarus. I don’t know too much about the inner workings of Belarus but if it is good enough for a government, then it 100% is good enough for your alfafrens polls lol.

The creator of /amp which is a Farcaster client that presents data more like Reddit, created f/oogle which is a google search like tool for Farcaster. Really cool and extremely fast app which also helped me find an old cast that I was looking for that I was struggling to find with warpcast.

DEGEN has cooled from earlier highs, but it is kind of nuts to see that it is the 13th most held coin in the ETH ecosystem, for whatever that is worth (NFA).

Notable Sales

A pair of Nike SB Dunk Low “Pigeon” sold for 45k. For those not familiar, there shoes are thought to be the tipping point for sneaker culture when it went from just a bunch of random people buying shoes to real mainstream hypebeast collectibles. So it is only fair, that a 1/30 shoe that has that type of lore to sell for this amount.

NFT sales have really been quiet on my end but XCOPY continues selling. The Doomed sold for 26ETH.


Things I am looking forward to.

Been a big fan of Vinnie Hager and this drop on ordinals has me excited. The style and the forced low res grittiness of the pieces is perfect for BTC.

Gramajo’s Corner

Busy week for me this week. I start a new job on the 10th so I have this week off to relax and enjoy some family time. Although somehow I have a huge list of projects to work on for the house haha.

This past week I went to my first IRL Farcaster ish meet up here in SF and it was super fun. I tend to get a bit awkward in larger settings which is weird because I have presented/perform infront of large crowds before but maybe COVID has made me more shy. Regardless it was super fun to meet other builders and people passionate about Farcaster. Events like these remind me why I love living here in the Bay Area and I vividly remember going to meet ups back in 2013-2016 for Bitcoin and the vibe was very similar to this event. Overall it makes me more bullish on Farcaster.

I cleaned up the onboarding doc and found a way to share all the behind the scenes videos to all Ogi subscribers. On June 3rd, I will be hosting an AMA with the Fruggerz team, it is free if you want to join. On Thursday I am sitting down with the Palmera team to talk about their company and how their product enables operations for onchain companies.

I recently crossed over 1k subscribers in Farcaster and suspect I will flip my FC followers vs Twitter before EOY. That means that this week I will be selecting someone for the giveaway. So far only a dozen people have entered so chances are pretty high if anyone wants to still partake. Speaking of followers, we are very quickly approaching 300 readers for this newsletter even after removing some emails that hadn’t opened this newsletter in a bit. A trip to think it took forever to hit 100 and we recently crossed 200. With that said, I set up a passionfroot as I have been getting more feelers for paid ads and content.


This week, I found this post by Jonny over at Fabric really fascinating, especially the video where he shows how to use automod and splits post channel decentralization. If you run a channel or would like to know how to use Automod, I highly recommend checking out the video included in the article, very useful information.


I haven’t bought many Lego sets in recent years, but I do enjoy them. To me they are like puzzles except I can display them. So this Zelda version (although pricey) is a 100% cop for me.

I think i’ve talked about this here before, but I love Gundam and Gunpla are not exception. Not really sure about this collab but the colorway on this Gunpla is fire.

With the Olympics around the corner, these Foamposites x Comme des Garçons are pretty tough.

Meme Of The Week

As someone who is the tech lead/product manager for over ten apps and three of them are enterprise wide, this one absolutely killed me ahaha.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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