Farcaster Fridays And Streaking | Issue #77

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Gramajo’s Corner

For some damn reason, I went a little nutty this past week. I've been super busy with work and onboarding at this new company and the way they operate which is pretty different from the industry i'd say so i've been taking that challenge seriously.

Anyways, I got carried away and made more work for myself. First I have fully migrated from Substack to Paragraph. I am not 100% content in this move, but I was tired of having the newsletter in two different places, so after some reflection, I chose Paragraph because being onchain is more important to me I have confidence whatever issues I have with Paragraph now, will be resolved in the future.

Another thing I did this week was upgrade my Hypersub to V2 (more on that later) which enables a ton of new features I will cover below. Two that I will get out of the way right now are, credit card support is incoming so I felt I could move my current paying credit card subscribers to hypersub when the time comes. Second, the reason why I upgraded is now I have a new tier of my hypersub! I now have a cheaper tier called Onchain Alien Type 0 which is a cheaper monthly tier than my previous hypersub. The naming does not make sense but I will cover that in a week or two when the pieces are ready. If you've ever enjoyed my work, consider subscribing to the cheaper tier or the regular tier. Any new subscribers to the Type 0 tier will be eligible for raffle to get the Onchain Alien Ambassador tier.

Next, my collaboration piece with MEK has been completed. I threw a curveball at MEK on this request, but he delivered. I am waiting to hear back, but I am hoping by the end of the week, you will be able to use an Alien Collective Moshicam (more on Moshicam below) frame for onchain summer. I will also be airdropping the completed piece to all hypersub subscribers (both tiers) and those who followed my channel on Farcaster as of the day I take the snapshot. I also have another art piece by Cap'n dropping in a couple weeks.

In case you missed it, I also dropped a new podcast episode with Dalek. Dalek has a ton of experience hustling to be an artist for many decades so he brought a ton of wisdom and overall great knowledge for anyone aspiring to be a full time artist in web3. You can listen to the full episode below or you can read a 7 minute summary here.

Lastly, I moved my feedback form from Tallyforms to Deform. Deform is bit more onchain/crypto native, so now you can submit feedback with just your Farcaster log in or Eth wallet. You can press here to check it out. Told you I went a bit nuts.


The US Government has taken quite the 180 turn on their stance on crypto. They went from really doing some damage a couple of months ago to now dropping their cases on Consensys/ETH ecosystem. Definitely great news and hoping this is a new chapter on crypto in the USA.

Foundation has an exhibition titled Minimal which has a ton of great artist involved. My two favorite in the set being m/branson and Rezva. Make sure to check out the link in the tweet below at all the great art dropping on foundation.

Interface has been one of the tools I have been using now for the past year or so. It really should be the view of a block explorer. One big piece of news from the interface side is now they support Farcaster names if you don't have an ENS resolved to your address. On top of that, they now support hypersubs in their app as well. Which makes navigating, finding, discovering news hypersubs to subscribe to alot easier.

SuperRare announced their own hypersub which I immediately signed up. The price is a bit on the steeper side but I am happy to see SuperRare really embracing this fully onchain world that is starting to formalize. Feel free to check it out if it seems interesting to you, NFA.

Beyond The Arches

I need to preface that I am not sure who came up with this, but Farcaster Friday's are nuts. The amount of announcements and builders dropping news on Friday is crazy. With that said, lets dive in.

Channel Streaks are now a feature in Farcaster. This level of gamification has worked for many apps like Snapchat, Duolingo and more. All of this is Opt-In, you don't need to partake but I think this is a great way for rewarding people or discovering new people and their interests. I am always looking to reward those that fuck with me and if you are crazy enough to start a streak in any of my channels I will notice. The great thing about all this is that it is onchain, so you can bubble this up in other apps like Stack, Hypersub, Intelligent and more.

This wasn't the only major news coming from the Warpcast team. We also have an experiment running where you can enter your Twitter/Github account (only for some users now) with some features where if someone mentions a tweet of yours, you get notified on Warpcast and more. Rituals for channel owners, which is essentially a job/question/prompt that every week gets casted in your channel to start a coversation. So for example, if you run /comicbooks you can ask people what they read this past week, automatically.

Ponder is an interesting app that caught my attention for the fact that is really close to a reddit client. I really do think having an alternative "view" to the farcaster social graph data on a reddit like client is needed. Slokh got really close with Flink imo, but this one integrates "upvotes" or voting overall into the app. It is really limited right now with which channels it works but it is looking good right now.

I mentioned this above, but Hypersub/Fabric launched V2. At a high level, this is why I am excited about this. Credit card support as you all know, not everyone wants to interact with crypto, prices that are volatile make it so pricing gets all jacked. Good ole USD or fiat should always be an option Tiers, having a one size fits all tier doesnt work for everyone for someone like me, having a cheaper tier help me expand my reach, Having this natively onchain is beneficial as we can do the next things. Split pools for rewards. So I can now have two pools of funds, most funds land on higher tier subscribers and smaller % goes to cheaper tier, you can get more creative Sending money to contract account. So now I can create an open edition and have the funs directly go to either of my pools of subscribers. So we all win together. Onchain flywheel keeps getting stronger. If you need help migrating, reach out to me or you can watch this helpful video.

Attention is the currency most trade in nowadays. So I have wwo quick ones on media becoming even more onchain. Dracula recently announced that videos will have the option of being minted onchain via Zora. So now you can collect tiktok like videos of your favorite content creators. The use cases are still in the infancy stage but I am sure someone will come up with some useful use case soon enough. Speaking of short form videos, pods is also experimenting with short form audio grams onchain. Again, this is currently being tested but this is definitely right up my alley as most of my podcast episodes are over an hour long so this could lead to some interesting testing.

Farhouse, a twitter spaces competitor previously mentioned on here dropped some big news for Farcaster Friday. Chat is now available for all spaces. The speed and delivery in this space continues to always leave me in awe.

I have covered /beearly before on this newsletter as one of cleanest frames I have seen deployed on Farcaster. Well now you can get that same user experience for your next project as beearly is available for anyone to use. I really like that the model isn't based on a subscription but per use/project as that makes sense. So if you have any needs for a waitlist, you now have another tool at your disposal.

Bountycaster which is a service I have used to get some work done by the community is moving to proof of work complete onchain. This opens up a ton of avenues where we can start building a credibility or reliability score onchain combined with all your other onchain activity.

Lastly, Daimo rolled out requesting money and memos which brings it on par with Venmo in that regard. Daimo now makes it easier to interact with everyone across the world with ease for your next web3 event irl.

Notable Sales

1/1 by Die With The Most Likes sold for 2.7 ETH to Batsoupyum

Algo Bro by XCOPY sold for 9ETH

Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow by Yon sold for 0.5ETH


The market for creating coins is really heating up between a couple companies. But I have my eye on Carlos and team and what they are building over at Farterminal. The speed at which they are dropping new features and the tightness to Farcaster really makes this an interesting space to follow.

Ever since FrenPet became a thing, I always imagined a real life tomagotchi version of it with an onchain component. Well it appears the Doodles team is thinking something along these lines as well.

Farcaster social graph based games are coming, Farworld Labs raises 1.75 million dollars to bring onchain games to life. We honestly need better games in web3 and here is to hoping this team can achieve it.

Group chats are coming to the converse app which I am curious on trying out. If anyone has the converse app, let me know so we can test it out!


This Bleached Denim Beef Brothko hat by Die With The Most Likes is a banger.

Meme Of The Week

If you have ever used Duolingo to study a language, then you KNOW that bird don't fuck around when it comes to you breaking your streak. So this one had me rolling by Tombornal.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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