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Cool Shit Spotlight: #1

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Alright so I want to try something different on my end. I keep finding things throughout the week that I think are cool but never really sure how to fit them into the weekly newsletter. At heart, I am a geek and I enjoy really techy items even if I myself am not the most technical person. I personally think it has to do with how tech is used to express oneself that attracts me to all of this.

Anyways, in this segment I want to highlight three cool things I encounter that I don't make it to the newsletter or just deserve their own posts.

#1 Sports and Tech

I am a big ass sucker for sports and tech. I grew up playing sports and the tech to make games feel more alive for people at home or powers analytics for teams has come a long way. You probably remember around when the Vision Pro came out I linked to a post where it showed the future possibility of F1 and how to view it.

Well this has become a reality for golf. I am not the biggest fan of watching golf, unless I am choosing to go to sleep. Nothing against the sport for me, just not my cup of team but it could be I don't follow it much. But this video by MKBHD really showed me how serious the PGA is about their app and the experience. It is nuts how much tech is behind golf and I have way more respect for it now.

#2 Facilitating Payments

Have you ever wanted to send money to someone via Venmo or another app like paypal? It is a weird experience if you think about it. You have to provide full access to your contacts list and even then if your friends name is Chris, there are going to be a bunch of people that show up and you are not always certain who is who. I always test by sending a small amount and then the full amount. It is not the best experience especially with people you don't interact with often or ever.

I've been closely watching this space now for quite some time and really enjoy the changes coming from this space. One in particular that caught my eye is Payflow by Sinaver.eth. I think what I enjoy about this tool is that it uses onchain identities so you are more certain that when you search for DWR or Chris in my example, you have verifiable onchain data of all their identities that you are truly sending to the right person. On top of that, as someone who has a hypersub, I recently saw a hypersub integration so I can just filter based on those addresses.

#3 When Life Gives You Lemons

I really enjoyed seeing cool PFPs on Farcaster and was a bit disappointed when they went away. I was able to meet RustySpoons this way because of the meticulous/detailed PFPs he/she was creating.

One of the builder goats in the Farcaster space is Undefined and they took this opportunity to build a quick chrome extension so you can get your animated PFPs back. The chrome extension is also open sourced which is a cherry on top.


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