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Will Fractionalized NFTs Finally Take Off? ERC404 Solution | Issue #59

Welcome to another edition of the 0773H Weekly Report.

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Gramajo’s Corner


I received to feedback that this segment isn’t too bad so I will keep it around a bit longer. Your feedback on some of these decisions is always appreciated and heard. Someone recently asked me to change my workflow to make sure spelling and grammar is more top notch and I did that. Not saying it is going to be perfect but I am spending time on that. So never feel like you cannot express your feedback to me, I take it all in stride, no hard feelings, shithead mentality only.

As part of my commitment, to show appreciativeness to my supporters. I will be spending time once in a while highlighting a premium reader. This weeks post is brought to you by OG. OG is also a content creator, curator, collector and overall a great presence for the space. His support for me financially, mentally has been immense. He has three Twitter shows that are blowing up with high quality artists, ones that I could only dream of. I can’t say much, but he has a really BIG artist coming on his show soon, so definitely check him out. Thank you for your support OG.

After seeing some nice movement over on Farcaster, I decided to pull the trigger and create a monthly sub with crypto on base (to save on fees). This of course is not for everyone, but if the yearly one is a bit too spicy you now have a monthly option, if you desire. The cool thing about these subs is I created a shared pool, so for everyone that signs up, a % gets kicked backed to you as a thank you.


A bit different than usual, but I wanted to share some of my own knowledge. I dropped a new blog post. I don’t expect anyone to read them and that is okay. But I did want to highlight some interesting links for you (covered in blog). First one, if you have ever been curious about minting onchain on Eth, FullyOnChain collaborated with Eto Vass dropped a video on how to do this. Second link, I created a Onceupon group, this seems like a really cool way for creators or artists to put some wallets in and analyze activity of those wallets. As a creator it can enable me to see if there is an interest that is common among my readers to create better web3 content for them. Lastly, if you are on Farcaster now (everyone and their moms appear to be on there now) check out FarcasterUserStats. It is a good way to get some data points on your followers and maybe see some things you missed. I’ll be dropping blog posts at least once every two weeks, and they will be sub less than 2 min reads.

Also, since it is in theme this week. Taylor Swift going to the Super Bowl after performing in Japan has people worried (swifties) on how she will get there. As an operations person, I love stuff like this. But to no ones surprise, Taylor has a full backup plane and crew incase shit hits the fan on her route to Las Vegas. CIAHOAD lol.


NFT Space

ERC-404 although not an official standard by the ETH Foundation, ERC-404 is aiming to blend the functionalities of ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards into one. This new standard allows developers to create collections of fractionalized NFTs, meaning that multiple individuals can own fractions of a single NFT, enabling easier trading and use in the open market. Unlike existing fractionalized NFT solutions, ERC-404 eliminates the need for a middleman entity by allowing direct ownership of fractions of NFTs across multiple wallets, thus minimizing friction and avoiding reliance on third-party protocols. This should help fractionalized NFTs take off, and the market seems to agree with lots of speculation and price movement around NFTs that may grant them access to one of the first to utilize such tech, like pillheads by CFW.


GoDaddy and ENS are partnering up to bring crypto wallet connection to your domains. So you can now set your wallet to a domain name. Although I don’t agree with the business practices of GoDaddy, this is large web2 company partnering up to make domain and wallet verification easier. What is interesting is since we have a public and private key associated with our wallet, we could also confirm that a certain domain really does belong to us so you know you are dealing with the real deal on both fronts (wallet and domain).


XCOPY dropped a new mint to burn and by far my favorite one so far, titled CRAWLER. A couple things to note, XCOPY dropped the image and link on Farcaster way before it landed on Twitter. Which makes me more bullish on the platform. Secondly, XCOPY mentioned this collection will hit double figures and there will be some requirements for future editions that you will need Damage Control, bringing the respect back to the MaxPain piece.

Cast image embed

Deekay dropped his highly anticipated Avant Arte collab. The piece is an edition of 30 and it is a beauty. Each physical will come with an NFT and the entry price is about 7k depending on shipping and taxes in your region. About 15 are being offered to 1/1 holders and high edition holders in his Discord and another 15 are going to public draw. Drawing closes on Valentines day. What do you think of this piece?

central vintage style character holding a heart spreading love amongst community

ACK will be dropping some collab work with Jack Butchers Opepen project. ACK mentions that the reason he did this is because the way Jack Butcher lent his support on the whole Vogue legal situation between ACK and them. And he felt that one day he would like to return that creative energy back, and this is how we got this collab. ACK has been on a meteoric rise with his work and recognition (well deserved) and I am sure these pieces will be hot commodities.


Dominik G has been inspired and been working on a daily month challenge that MendezMendez kicked off. And the results were pretty amazing. Dominik is a fantastic talent and the details on his pieces are amazing. And this animated piece of combing all his daily works the past month is one that leaves me in awe.

Lastly, Skiff which I have talked about before on this newsletter, has been acquired by Notion and will sunset in 6 months. Pretty sad to see the service go as it was doing well and catered to Web3. This seems like a talent acquisition move as the Skiff team was really responsive and was launching features constantly. If they can somehow make Notion more privacy and web3 friendly and merge the beautiful aesthetics, we could have something that will really compete with Google but let us see what happens.

The word for this weeks read is, “crawler”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

The Origin by Ryan Koopmans sold for 0.5 BTC. The way Ryan approached this release is impeccable as well. This piece changes scenery based on the time, the sat used to inscribe is from the day he minted his first piece on Eth. Overall a great drop and happy to see more and more artists taking a look at Ordinals.

Kaido #1 Benzos sold for 10eth.


Old news at this stage since it sold right after I hit send. But SuperRoses acquired this XCOPY piece for 100eth, in case you missed it.


Things I am looking forward to.

I am looking forward to seeing the new ZeroX SuperRare piece to come out this week.

Smokestacks dropped Payload 7 and geez this thing is fire. I am curious to see who will pick this up.

Not sure what Grant Yun has cooking in the hopper but by the time you are reading this, he should have an announcement from GY. Curious to see if it is correlated with the tweet he had over the weekend that got him some flak/heat.

I personally loathe the KYC process and how everyone and their moms wants your id, passport, social security, shoe size, preference on briefs or boxers just so you can buy a dickbutt physical NFT; it is insane! Well some folks have been taking it to the bots and it is hilarious. Not sure what will happen to those that do this, as I won’t be doing this, I ain’t trying to get deported but this is pretty genius and hilarious. Bot vs Bot.


I got a WL from 1337 skulls (thank you) for this upcoming drop called Flora Forms. It gives me a bit of Zancan vibes and since it is on ordinals, I am excited for this. My ordinals collection keeps on growing.


Now that Farcaster has cooled a bit from the hype. I am looking forward to what other creative ways Frames are used (think interactive tweets) in Farcaster. Right now, this one uses Shopify to create an interactive Frame. It was used and created by yungwknd which is awesome to see.



These fuzzy green Jordans are what got my attention this past week. Sheesh they need to turn down the dial on these as they are stunning.


Meme Of The Week

787 should start a web3 meme company at this stage, he had another banger this week I had to share.



Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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