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GM GM Everyone,

I had the recent pleasure of talking virtually with zeroX from Florida.

ZeroX is someone that I have been actively following for a bit of time now. I very vividly remember trying to get WL or entered a giveaway when Wasted Data collection was being introduced which was pretty early on in this minting journey. Very quickly from there, I remember thinking to myself that his work would go on to be very desirable by collectors. As a kid who grew up in the 90s, computer interface art speaks to me. And just how I remember Ripcache selling his 1/1 for under 2eth when I saw him on twitter, I got very similar vibes from early zeroX. So I am very happy to now link up with zeroX after all this time and to be able to learn more about him.

So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my conversation with zeroX.


What are you reading or watching these days?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been mainly been rewatching David Attenborough documentaries. Boring, I know, but I find them to be quite relaxing. I haven’t had the proper time to dedicate to any new shows over the last few months, so I just throw on a documentary when I have some spare time.

What are some of your hobbies or activities you like to do to unplug from the space?

Outside of crypto art, I’m drawn to hobbies that balance out the digital intensity of my work. Typically these include exercising, reading, cooking, and painting / sketching. However I also enjoy camping, diving, and traveling when I’m able to do so.


You mentioned diving, what has been your favorite place you have gone diving?

My favorite place to go diving is the Florida Keys. I was born and raised in Florida, so I’ve spent a lot of time diving in the oceans surrounding the Keys.

Do you think your upbringing influenced your art in anyway? How so?

I always had an affinity for drawing and art, largely due to my mother being an artist. I grew up watching her paint, which naturally led me to start painting as well. Despite never pursuing an education in art, I remained drawn to creating throughout high school and college. Fast forward, after having been involved in the NFT space for a few years as a collector, I decided to officially start minting my own artwork in 2022.

How would you describe your art?

I’ve always described my work simply as ‘interface art’, or ‘computer interface art’ at a low resolution.

Since your piece heist, you have found a really unique style that people like, how did you land or find this style?

‘Heist’ was the defining artwork that marked the transition of my focus to computer interface style art. This style, however, is not something I personally created. There are many artists that focus on interface themes and elements, however the one that had the greatest impact on me personally is Ripcache.

Any tips on how to find your niche/style for an up-and-coming artist?

Finding a style can be a complex process. I think the most important thing for any artist is to experiment and test different themes and ideas. But ultimately, it all comes down to what you enjoy. Create art that makes you happy.

Is there anyone in your life (web3, history, irl) that inspires you? If so, what are the biggest lessons you have learned from them?

With a focus on web 3, I am inspired each and every day by more artists that I can count. The talent that lies within this space is inconceivable. It’s an honor to simply be a part of the movement.

How did you choose your name?

Zero and X are the first two digits of every address on Ethereum, which is the birthplace of NFT culture.

How are you coping with this bear market? Does it influence your decision on when you do drops?

The crypto bear market actually hasn’t impacted much of my work as a crypto artist. Since I typically only ever have 1 artwork available at a time, it has not impacted my release schedule much either.

Do you feel by only having 1 piece for sale at a time hinders you and your potential base? Or does it enable you to have stronger connections with your collectors?

Some of both. While it does technically hinder my potential collector base, its also, like you mentioned, does allow me to maintain better relationships with the collectors I already have. This is why I tend to focus solely on 1/1s and small batch editions.

I also focus on creating with a purpose, and not just minting something for the sake of minting. I actually end up stowing away a lot of artwork after they’re finished to save them for another day, instead of minting and selling each one.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical weekday for me begins with a gm tweet and a large cup of coffee. After having breakfast and feeding my dog, I head straight to my studio, where I spend the majority of my day working on my art. During the evening I exercise, make dinner, relax, and prepare to repeat the process!

As an artist, has the changes to Twitter since Elon taken over, been net positive or negative? In your opinion

As an artist, the changes from twitter to X have had very little impact on me personally. Generally speaking, I haven’t noticed much of a change.

I know you have done a collab with 452b, have you considered doing another collab with Noble or others? Or do you think these deter from your main body of work?

Yes, I have considered and am actively pursuing collaborations not only with curators / groups but other artists as well. My work with 452b was an enjoyable one, and I’m looking forward to potentially doing that again with other groups in the future, such as Noble.

Do you have any goals for 2024? Maybe an Ordinal drop?

My main goal for 2024 is to continue expanding my on-chain 1/1 series ‘echoes’ and my work on the SuperRare contract. I’m also placing a larger focus on collaborations this year. And yes, I do believe I’ll be inscribing some art on Bitcoin this year as well.

Are there any pieces of your work that you think are underrated?

I’m not too sure which of my work would be considered underrated, but one piece that many dont know about is ‘react’, owned by the legendary collector Rhynotic. The piece was minted after ‘heist’, but before zero.exe.

Will we see a physical + nft drop from you? Have you ever thought about exploring that?

I haven’t given too much thought into diving into a physical + NFT drop, but I’m not discounting the possibility of that in the future. My current focus still lies in the purely digital aspect of my work.

Do you collect any pieces from any other artists, if so who are your favorites?

I currently collect work from some, but not all of my favorite artists in the space, including XCOPY, ripcache, uczine, and c4rdinal.

Final Remarks

What really stood out to me about zeroX is his commitment to only have 1 listing at a time. I think that takes a certain level of discipline that not many artist have. I fully respect this methodology. I also really enjoyed that he calls out Ripcache as an inspiration to his work, he doesn’t shy away from this. ZeroX has found his own unique niche inside of interface art and he is now in his own lane and grooving.

Another aspect I enjoyed learning about zeroX is that his slow approach reminds of something Ripcache said. Which was, he (Ripcache) wants to keep his editions low because he wants to be able to meet them all as if he was in a room physically with him. Which is why I pressed him a bit on this question. It really reminded me of this mentality and one that I think gets lost in the space. Both do a tremendous job of talking to their collector base and talking with them. So whether intentional or accidental, the result is a happier and better experience for the collector.

With BTC Ordinals heating up, I suspect if zeroX does ever make a drop, it will do extremely well.

The last bit that stood out to me was his remarks on Twitter. Most people I have spoken with say the algo has been jacked up since the takeover. But hearing this from zeroX made me realize, that I may just be looking for an echo chamber and I should make better content haha.

I want to thank zeroX for his time and agreeing to do this. He has a super busy month/March. He is currently working on a new 1/1 on SuperRare, a collab 1/1 and edition piece with Resonance Lab. Make sure to give him a follow!


Hope you all have a great rest of your week. Make sure to share and tag a friend that may enjoy this content.

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