FAQ on $FRAME Token

Important Information on Farcaster based $FRAME Token


$FRAME is an an ERC-20 token on Base and created on February 2, 2024. The project started as an experiment to test the limits of the frame feature on Farcaster, but turned into something much more. Frame was the first ERC-20 token to be minted/airdropped through a Frame on Warpcast! Find the original cast here.

$FRAME will be used to offer grants, bounties, and rewards to builders and creators in the Farcaster ecosystem, especially those who build with Frames!

We think the future of frames on Farcaster will be extremely exciting and transformative!

For more information, follow our channel on Farcaster, /frame-token

Major Updates

  • The site has been completely redesigned from the ground up (visit: frametoken.us)

  • Staking

  • Team LP tokens Locked for 1 year

  • Paybot Partnership on Farcaster

    Farcaster frame image

Staking Rewards

$FRAME is the first Farcaster based meme coin that offers staking rewards of upto 103%.

Stake your LP tokens here: https://frametoken.us/

View incentive information here:

Image embeds on cast

Partnership with @paybot on Farcaster:

$FRAME has partnered with @paybot to support sending $FRAME tokens through Frames! Simply tag @paybot in a reply with the amount of tokens you want to transfer followed by $FRAME

Cast image embed

Team owned LP for $FRAME locked for 1 year:

The team has locked their own $FRAME LP for 1 year and details of the lock can be found here:

Transaction detail: https://basescan.org/tx/0xc427af5984fdcfd6ce349a788559db880a767e404dfd417b009cbb0c1e2d2742


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