Absinthe Labs at Eth India 2023

Learn about what our team did in Bangalore this winter

Of the many things that makes Web3 a unique industry to work in, the enthusiasm of the community is starkly relevant to its persistent success regardless of how the winds may blow. Fully recognizing this, Absinthe Labs participated with gusto in EthIndia 2023. After sponsoring multiple events, attending dozens and mentoring at the EthGlobal Hackathon, we are proud to present to you a birds eye overview of our experience in the wonderful city of Bangalore!

Special thanks to Zo House, zkBankai Hacker House, Polygon, Builder's Tribe, Lumos Labs, Spheron Network, StationX, and BackerDAO for being excellent partners. We thoroughly enjoyed working together and look forward to more opportunities together!

We have a new announcement coming out soon! Stay tuned...

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