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Deploy on DEGEN Week!

Ambassadors Edition #11

Deploy on DEGEN Week!

Based Morning everyone, a very based Wednesdayyyy to all of you!

Hey! It's Kyle Patrick. Join us as we unwrap the latest in the Base Ecosystem! Let's continue seizing this week!

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Deploy on DEGEN Week!

Deploy on Degen Week is here! For the first time, $DEGEN is hosting a one-week virtual program to accelerate developers building on the $DEGEN Chain. This weeklong event is supported by Syndicate, 1confirmation, and Seedclubhq.

Are you a web developer? Ambassadors is looking for one, message me if you're interested!

I'm happy to see developments like this on the $DEGEN Chain. It just goes to show how much the $DEGEN team values both projects and builders. The $DEGEN team hosted an X space to kick off the week. You can listen to it here.

I listened to the space for you so you don't have to and I picked up a few things! For starters, the space focused on how teams could take this to the next level. I've always loved to hear when people aim to exceed beyond their limits and that was what I was picking up from the space. I was also surprised to hear that there were well over 300 applications from different teams. While this number is big, I was more shocked to hear that 60% of these teams are existing start-ups, while about 40% are new developers which is what makes this space exciting. There are always new explorations, new applications, new games, and new experiences being brainstormed and built. There's really never a dull day in this space.

A breakdown of the applicant teams into different categories sheds light on the diverse array of projects in the pipeline:

- 35% focus on applications

- 6% specialize in developer infrastructure

- 20% are dedicated to gaming

- 13% center around protocols

- 19% fall into various other categories

- 4% are dedicated to wallet solutions

While we don't have an idea on what these projects are just yet, we now know that there are a lot of things to expect a few weeks or months down the line on the $DEGEN chain. As the Deploy on Degen initiative gains momentum, it epitomizes a collective drive towards innovation and growth within the web3 landscape. With a diverse array of applicants and a shared vision for pushing boundaries, the stage is set for transformative developments that will shape the future of decentralized technologies.

I'm stoked.

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