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Farcards Takes Over Farcaster

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Farcards Takes Over Farcaster

Have you heard of Farcards? Well, it actually took over Farcaster the past few days and is still taking over. I'm sure you've heard about it. Today, we're dedicating this article to our awesome friends at Farcards. They are super based.

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Farcards Takes Over Farcaster

/Farcards took over Farcaster and has roughly grown to about 6,000 followers in the past day alone. It has taken Farcaster by storm and it looked as if everyone wanted their own card. Of course, I had to make one myself. It's pretty cool right?

My card is cool, right?

Well now lets get to the point and answer what everyone asks, what are Farcards? To be put simply, I think of it as trading cards but tailor-made for Farcaster. Here, we can see that each card is unique and each Farcaster user is allowed to create one card. What I like about Farcards is that each card is an NFT. Which means that you can collect your favorite users as a Farcard just by buying their card. It's pretty amazing, right? Of course, the price of each card isn't always the same and some cards are much more expensive than others. We'll delve on that more later.

So, Kyle... I wanna create my own Farcard, how do I start? Well I'm glad you asked. It's actually very easy since Farcard is Farcaster-native which means that you can do all these inside Warpcast!

The process on creating your card is actually very easy. You just have to go to the frame above and click the "Mint / Share" button. You don't actually have to pay for anything since this is free. The team has covered the gas fees so you don't even have to pay for a single cent! So now you've minted, what should you do know? Anything else I need to know, Kyle?

Once you have minted your Farcard, people can trade your card already. You can use the same frame above to trade your card or even your friend's card! It's so easy right? But... but, how is the pricing determined? How many cards can be owned at a time? I'm glad you asked again! The maximum supply for the card is 1,000. There is no limit to owning how much cards you want which is fantastic right? Moving forward to the price, you can see that my card is now priced at around 0.002 ETH each card. The price is determined through a bonding curve, using It's a bit hard to explain but I'll try my best. So imagine you have a bag of your favorite candies, and you decide to sell them to your friends. Instead of selling them all for the same price, you make a special rule: The more candies people buy from your bag, the more expensive the next candy becomes. So, the first candy might be really cheap, but the tenth candy is a bit more expensive, and the twentieth candy is even more costly. Damn, Kyle. I know I know, sorry but you would personally have to learn more about it here and here (For Builders).

Here's an example of my card being priced in a bonding curve!

Wow, you're still here! Thanks for reading all through that! I've actually had the chance to talk to the Farcards team to learn more about the project. I have to shout them out mfers here for doing a very cool project like this: @beachcrypto, @sartocrates, @mleejr, @agust.eth, @to, @animated, and @undefined. For Farcards, the goal is clear. It's that they encourage users to participate by building together and creating culture around new games and experiences. As such, there are many ways to engage Farcards.

Unlike many other SocialFi platforms, /farcards are actually NFTs. Because of this, there are limitless possibilities to be had with them ranging from token-gated chats, airdrops, allowlists, and much more. The sky is the limit!

- Sartocrates

As we dive deeper into Farcards, I've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions to give you a clearer picture of what to expect going forward.

FAQs about Farcards

  1. Will Farcards have a dedicated website?

There are no plans for a separate website at this time. The creators are focusing on a "frames first" experiment, emphasizing integration directly within the Farcaster environment.

  1. Can you share a bit of the roadmap or what to expect?

There are no fixed roadmap as the development and evolution of Farcards will be community-driven. This means the future features and direction will largely depend on how users like you and I engage with the system.

  1. Will there be a Farcards app?

As of now, the team has not commented on whether a dedicated app is in the works. It seems they're focusing on integrating seamlessly with Warpcast.

  1. Are there plans for integrating with other projects?

Yes, there are ongoing discussions about integrating other popular projects and platforms to enhance the Farcards experience. The aim is to encourage active participation and culture-building within the Farcaster community through new games and shared experiences.

  1. Are there plans for gamification?

Farcards are designed with gamification in mind. That can be made either by the team or the creator of each card.

  1. Will creators earn a trading fee when their cards are traded?

There's a 10% fee when trading your Farcards. The team plans to reward creators, 60% of the fee will go to creators while 40% will go back to the project. This will ensure that creators are rewarded for their contributions and that the project can be sustainably maintained (Ex. Subsidizing Gas Fees).

  1. What are the different tiers of Farcards? How are they categorized?

Farcards come in several tiers based on the user's activity and engagement levels:

  • 🤖 Based: Fewer than 400 followers

  • 🥉 Active: 400+ followers, 1+ casts, 50+ engagement score

  • 🥈 Star: 1k+ followers, 5+ casts, 500+ engagement score

  • 🥇 Degen: 10k+ followers, 10+ casts, 2500+ engagement score

  • ğŸ’Ž VIP: 50k+ followers, 10+ casts, 5000+ engagement score

The engagement score is calculated using a quadratic formula of likes, recasts, and replies. You can delve deeper into these statistics via the Dune query for "All Active Farcaster Users" by @ilemi available here.

  1. How often are these stats updated?

Currently, the update is set on a weekly basis, though the team is exploring more frequent updates. Importantly, the metadata updates automatically, so no additional action is required from you as a user.

  1. What Blockchain is Farcards?

Farcards is on Base.

  1. What is the deployer wallet for Farcards?

0x2B53f75fF7e037BA322D6BBa35A7BB46F497C2eB (Old)

0x0C6Eeb2F6df3C805E0B731F1a0572F41a6eED321 (New)

  1. What are some tools I can use on Farcaster as a Farcards Creator?

Check who holds your Farcards here.

Check what cards a user holds here.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article should be considered as financial advice. The content we produce is purely for entertainment and information purposes only. Purchasing cryptocurrencies and NFTs can result in you losing all of your investment.

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