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Warpcast Channels are Changing

Ambassadors Edition #25

Warpcast Channels are Changing

Happy Wednesday!

Hey! It's Kyle Patrick. Join us as we unwrap the latest in the Base Ecosystem!

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This might not be a big news for some, but Warpcast channels are changing very soon and we're here for it. All the information provided below were taken from Dan Romero's casts.

What's Changing About Warpcast Channels

Warpcast is undergoing significant changes to decentralize and improve channel management, making them more accessible, customizable, and user-driven. These changes are designed to enhance the user experience and provide greater control over channel content and moderation. The migration to this new system will occur in two phases: cleaning up Warpcast-only channel features and decentralizing channels into the protocol. Here's a detailed look at the upcoming changes:

Phase 1: Cleanup of Warpcast-only Channel Features

Timeline: Next week or so

This phase involves the removal of features that are exclusive to Warpcast, such as channel passes, the ability to warn/hide/ban users, and co-host roles. This cleanup is essential to streamline the channel functionalities in preparation for the decentralization process.

Phase 2: Decentralization into the Protocol

Timeline: 2-3 months

In the second phase, channels will be fully integrated into the protocol, allowing for more robust and permissionless management. This includes creating and paying for channels onchain, similar to how FIDs (Farcaster IDs) are handled. Channel profiles, rules, settings, and followers will be stored directly within the protocol, ensuring transparency and decentralization.

Key Changes and Features

1. Onchain Channel Creation and Management

Channels will now be created and managed onchain. This means that anyone can register and manage channels directly through the protocol without relying on Warpcast dependencies. Channel content, followers, metadata, and moderation settings will be accessible onchain, enhancing the decentralization and transparency of channel operations.

2. New Roles: Owner and Moderator

The traditional "host" role is being replaced with more defined roles: Owner and Moderator.

  • Owner: The user who owns the channel onchain and has the ability to transfer ownership to another user. The owner can adjust channel metadata and assign a user as a moderator.

  • Moderator: The user responsible for curating the channel's main feed. The moderator's likes determine what appears in the main feed.

Channels can opt for no moderation, where all casts appear in reverse chronological order, or manual moderation by the owner or a designated moderator. Larger channels may use a channel bot, such as Automod, to automate moderation based on predefined criteria.

3. Channel Feeds: Main and Recent

Channels will have two distinct feeds:

  • Main Feed: Content appears here based on moderation. If moderation is off, Warpcast's priority mode algorithm determines the content. If moderation is on, only casts liked by the moderator appear.

  • Recent Feed: Displays all casts from all users in reverse chronological order, regardless of moderation settings.

Example Use Cases for Channel Bots

Channel bots, powered by tools like Automod, will assist in curating channel content. Bots can use various criteria to determine which casts appear in the main feed. For instance:

  • A bot might lik casts if they are endorsed by certain influential users.

  • Another bot might prioritize casts from users holding specific NFTs.

  • Alternatively, a bot could focus on casts that quickly garner a high number of likes from event attendees.

Deprecated Features

Several Warpcast-only features will be deprecated:

  • Channel Passes: Exclusive access passes to channels will no longer be supported.

  • Warn/Hide/Ban: These moderation tools will be removed in favor of the new owner and moderator system.

  • Co-hosts: The concept of co-hosts will be replaced by the clearer owner and moderator roles.

Benefits of the Changes

These changes aim to provide a more decentralized and user-friendly experience for Warpcast channel users. By moving content management onchain, users gain more control over their channels, ensuring transparency and reducing dependency on Warpcast. The introduction of clear roles and optional moderation settings allows for more customized channel management, catering to both small and large channels effectively.

Concrete Example of the Proposed Moderation Model

Consider the channel /nouns, which currently operates with a traditional co-host model. Here’s how the proposed changes will transform its operation:

  1. More Control Over the Main Feed Algorithm: The main feed will no longer be subject to a one-size-fits-all algorithm. Instead, channel owners and moderators can use tools like Automod to define what appears in the main feed based on specific criteria.

  2. Inclusion of Existing Hosts Concept: The existing hosts’ roles are retained and expanded upon. For example, likes from the seven current co-hosts will continue to influence the main feed but through a more transparent and automated system.

  3. Expanded Pool Based on Onchain Criteria: The new system allows for advanced onchain criteria to be considered for content promotion. For instance, /nounsbot might like a cast if the user holds a Noun or Lil Noun NFT in their connected address, or if they are recipients of a successful Nouns proposal.

  4. Reduced Workload: Automation and clear role definitions mean less manual intervention is required. Moderators can set rules and let the system handle routine moderation tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of channel management.

Looks like there will be a lot of changes going forward on Warpcast. I don't quite know how to feel about this yet since I need to experience it myself. But, if its all in for decentralization, I will ride for it. Can't wait to test these new stuff out!

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