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Onboarding the next trillion users onto Degen Chain with ATH

Degentlefrens, welcome one, welcome all! After our smashing success with the launch of All Time High ($ATH), we felt this to be an opportune moment to share with you more about ATH, our mission, and what's coming up in the ATH ecosystem.

History of ATH

ATH was born out of a late-night discussion in a very-degen group chat on Farcaster, around the frustration many of Degen Chain's most active users felt with regard to the lack of sustainable, credible projects on the L3. Many of us were so impressed with the success of Degen, that we felt it was only fair that there existed a project worthy of the Degen Chain.

With that, we bounced some ideas around different memes and projects that we could launch - until landing on three key principles upon which we wanted to launch our project:

  1. We wanted a meme that would resonate strongly with the Degen community

  2. We sought to create something that would stand as a beacon of hope amongst the rugs, scams and lowly PVP behaviour many of us had endured on Degen Chain

  3. We felt that nothing represented the Degen community more than well... A Top Hat (ATH)

And thus, morphing together top hats, the growth of an ecosystem, and a strong meme we created All Time High ($ATH)! Combining the Degen community's constant desire to go $higher ↑↑↑

ATH's Mission

With ATH, we seek to become a growth flywheel for the Degen Chain ecosystem and its wider community. Together, we believe we can bring Degen Chain to the forefront of the crypto ecosystem by aligning incentives of the Degen Chain community, the ATH community, $ATH the token, the Degen Chain, $DEGEN token, the wider Farcaster community, and all those who wish to join us on our grand journey to create more democratic, resilient, and win-win financial systems.

Let's start with our first growth flywheel, the $ATH airdrops...

$ATH Airdrops

$DEGEN is the perfect schelling point for the successful growth of the Degen Chain ecosystem. Not only does it act as the Chain's native currency, but it also serves an important mechanism to drive attention to the ecosystem.

To further incentivize the adoption of $DEGEN, ATH has allocated 20% of its token supply (see below for a detailed list of tokenomics) to airdrop $ATH to all ATH holders upon the completion of the following milestones:

$DEGEN (10%):

  • ATH of $0.10

  • ATH of $0.20

  • ATH of $0.50

  • ATH of $1

$ATH (5%)

  • ATH of $0.01

  • ATH of $0.10

We are reserving 5% of the airdrop supply as further airdrop incentives in the ATH ecosystem. The tokens to be airdropped to the community are held in this wallet.

Roadmap πŸ›£

The $ATH airdrops are just one part of our long journey together. Already, we've achieved great success (wowow): we have a community of over 600 on Farcaster, hit over $1.5m in market cap, and are garnering an ever-growing presence throughout the crypto lands.

Ahead of us, we have several ideas that we would like to build with the ATH community:

  • ATH DAO: As the infrastructure allows, we imagine rolling out a DAO powered by the holders of the ATH community. Our DAO will be a community-led initiative to pursue ATH/Degen aligned ideas and allocate the remaining ATH tokens, and any in-kind tokens that the DAO may receive.

  • ATH Game: Fully onchain games and autonomous worlds are set to transform the crypto ecosystem, ultimately fueling its growth. Degen Chain stands as a core piece of the infrastructure; an ultra-cheap and lightning-fast chain to deploy such games. We are working on launching ATH: The Game - stay tuned!

  • ATH Infra: As it stands, Degen Chain's infrastructure is in its infancy (we are sooo early). Therefore, we aim to leverage the ATH community to develop critical infrastructure to make Degen Chain the best place for degens to enjoy (!!!)

  • ATH Layer 4: What would a roadmap be without plans for another chain?! That's right folks, the ATH L4 is coming your way - and of course it settles on the best L3 out there: Degen Chain!

Get Involved

If building the future of France (and no, the devs aren't French) on the best L3 out there sounds like your life's true-calling, then hit us up! Here's how you can get involved:

  • Drop into the /alltimehigh Farcaster channel and say hi!

  • Share $ATH with your friends

  • Follow us on X and introduce yourself in our Telegram

  • If you are interested in joining as a contributor on the team, reach out to either @cyrus or @cush.eth on Farcaster and let us know what you're motivated by and how you'd like to get involved.


The total supply of $ATH is 745,306,429 - which is the $ amount of $DEGEN's previous ATH market cap. We've designed $ATH's tokenomics with the following structure:

We have burned the LP, revoked minting privileges, and have a 0% tax.


You can connect with us through the following outlets:

Farcaster | Website | Telegram | Twitter | Blog

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