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The Memecoin Building a Decentralized Ecosystem on Farcaster

MILO, the Farcaster-native memecoin, is creating a complete dApp experience within Warpcast.

MILO, The Farcaster-native memecoin experiment, is set to launch on Warpcast in the coming weeks. 

MILO’s goal is to merge the unique tokenomics and gamification models of memecoins with the groundbreaking Frames technology found on Farcaster.

So far, Farcaster Frames have primarily been utilized for NFT mints, mini-stories, mini-games, interactive artwork generation, and token swaps.

MILO aims to combine all these use cases (and invent a few more) to enable a fully decentralized memecoin ecosystem “in-frame” on Warpcast.

How Will it Work?

MILO will utilize Frames to create a complete dApp experience within Warpcast

You will be able to interact with all features of the MILO ecosystem through a combination of different Farcaster Frames in-app.

Such features include:

$MILO Token Generation Event (TGE)

The first feature will be the launch of the MILO ecosystem token, $MILO.

$MILO will have a fair community launch on Base (the network Warpcast runs on). Tokens will be distributed openly through Farcaster Frames, and a $MILO liquidity pool will be added to Uniswap. 

This will allow all MILO enthusiasts to have access to $MILO tokens upon launch.

Follow /milo and @nickysap for the official $MILO token launch announcement.


Thanks to MILO’s unique gamification model, $MILO will be one of the first tokens to allow for in-frame staking.

$MILO holders will be able to stake (‘leash’) their $MILO tokens to gain a chance at minting 1 of 1000 unique, hand-drawn BabyMilo NFTs.

Each week, 10 lucky addresses will be added to the “mint list” and be allowed to mint one BabyMilo NFT each.

10 BabyMilo NFTs will be released every week until the total supply is exhausted.

The more $MILO you stake, and the longer you stake, the better your chances are to mint.

Examples of BabyMilo NFT artwork

BabyMilo NFTs

BabyMilo NFTs are a set of 1000 unique, hand-drawn characters with varying breeds and rarities. Rarity is determined by breed, color, accessories, and other factors.

MILO will utilize the established NFT-minting Frame technology for the initial mint — a one-time mint of 100 BabyMilo NFTs will be made available to whitelisted addresses.

A new type of Frame will then be created to release the remaining 900 at a rate of 10 per week to users who earn the chance through $MILO Staking.

NFT Staking

The next unique feature MILO will introduce to Frames is NFT Staking.

BabyMilo NFT holders will be able to stake their BabyMilo NFTs in-frame in order to earn more $MILO tokens.

These $MILO tokens can then be used to earn more BabyMilo NFTs through staking, creating a unique “symbiotic” reward model.

Token Migration

MILO will also be creating a “Token Migration” Frame.

MILO’s origins stem from the Divi ecosystem and its memecoin, $DVDOGE. The $MILO token migration Frame will allow all $DVDOGE holders to claim an equivalent amount of $MILO through Warpcast.

How to Claim your $MILO ($DVDOGE Holders)

Balance and BabyMilo Eligibility Check

Additional Frames within the MILO ecosystem will include a $MILO balance checker and a BabyMilo NFT mint eligibility checker.

These features will help create an intuitive user experience when navigating the MILO ecosystem.

How to Get $MILO

To keep up to date with the $MILO TGE, as well as the BabyMilo mint date, join the /milo channel on Warpcast.

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