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Android developer job, upcoming conferences, developer education budgets, and other highlights from last week

Hey everyone, since we already emailed you about Gems this week, I’ll keep this very short and sweet, just focused on a few of the opportunities that have been posted recently. We’ve also onboarded a lot of new members so I’d encourage you to leverage search to find and message who you’re looking for — there are 146 people interested in speaking on a podcast, for example 🤯 

Opportunity highlights

  • Annoushka at Interface is hiring an Android developer who wants to help make Ethereum more user-friendly View post

  • Kim Norton is the founder of Tellie, one of the biggest NFT site builders out there, and looking for feedback or to support builders on Backdrop who want to cook up a new NFT project View post

  • If you’re a developer, Rachel Price would love to know whether you have education budget where you work and whether you’d use it to find someone to pair with you to learn something new? View post

  • Ready for more IRL after Denver? Limone is wondering who else is going to ETHPorto and Alina is happy to help with last minute applications to ETHDam

If you have something you’re working on that you’re not sure how to get support for, or not sure how to take the next step with — we’re always here to help you find the right person in the network. Happy building!

- Joey 

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