Backdrop Build v3 Builder Success Stories

v3 was incredible — we helped 220 projects launch, many of which are back and continuing to make progress in v4. There are too many cool milestones to cover in a single article, but we want to highlight just a few of the success stories that came out of v3:

  • Dappfuse received a $5,000 grant from NEAR Protocol to continue building out their platform that makes it easy for anyone to create and deploy decentralized apps.

  • Onchain Clarity, Voicedeck DAO, PlayMini, and daospace each received $50,000 grants from Hedgey to advance their innovative crypto projects.

  • FREISA earned $5,000 in credits from RunPod to power their AI-driven platform.

  • Stable Jack, a decentralized stablecoin project, completed a pre-seed round to expand their offering.

  • Glowby, a draw-to-code GenAI assistant for software creation, gained 10,000 users and earned its first monthly recurring revenue during V3 Launch Week. The Glowby team went on to raise $150,000 from a VC fund after the program ended.

  • Contxt received a full-ride to the upcoming Edge City popup village in Healdsburg. Edge City is an incubator for people who believe the future can be better and are actively working to make it happen.

We hear more success stories every day and will continue to update here as we find them. And if you were part of v3 and achieved some milestone you're pumped about, reach out so we can include you!

To learn more about these projects and discover other promising ones, check out the Backdrop Build v3 Showcase at

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