Opportunities for builders at the frontier

Innovative fundraising in a bear market, interactive workshops with RADAR, hire a 10X BD talent, Ambire Wallet and GasHawk at demo day, and more fun stuff

It’s a crazy world out there right now in builder land, amirite? We’ve got a good batch of opportunities to stay inspired, informed, and connected this week — whatever we can do to help you keep moving forward, we’re here for it. 

Have something we should spotlight?

There are 800+ founders, builders, and co-conspirators in Backdrop now and our goal with this weekly email is just to help all of you get the support you need from each other and from the world around us. If you have anything you’d like me to spotlight next week, just drop it on this post or send it to me. 

On that note, here are a few opportunities from the Backdrop network in the past week:

  • If you need a boost of collaborative inspiration, our friends at RADAR are launching 5 weeks of interactive workshops focused on imagining, ideating, exploring, and building A More Play-Full Future.

  • Graham Novak is a super sharp builder and has provided us with a ton of valuable advice, so I’d take this vouch of his for a 10X BD talent seriously if you’re hiring!

  • If anyone knows of people fundraising in novel ways, outside of the traditional SAFE, Lior would love to know (and I would too). 

  • Read anything that blew your mind recently? Drop it in this post from Kiana and perhaps we can facilitate a few connections over content that matters. 

Next week’s founder roundtable

Off the back of some research we did recently on frontier founders, I’m hosting a roundtable on Wednesday about how founders get the support they need to bring their ideas to life — sign up via the Luma here (spots are limited and will be capped). It’ll be casual conversation between an awesome bunch:

  • Sahil from Levels

  • Ahmad from 3RM

  • Tim from Mailchain

  • René from Artizen

  • Chris from Nectar

  • Bill from Alphacaster

Demo day rolls on

We’re loving the demo days. Last week we had Anna from Interface and Melissa from VioletVerse (highlight clips below). Next week we have Ambire Wallet (who just released their new mobile wallet) and GasHawk (delayed transactions that save you a ton on gas fees) — both really cool products that have been shipping a lot recently. Sign up here! And if you’re interested in demoing a product or feature, fill out this form.



That’s all for this week. Happy building and thanks for joining us on this crazy adventure.


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