Grants, Credits, and Exclusive Opportunities from Our v5 Partners

Our partners are offering a wealth of resources, grants, credits, and exclusive opportunities to support builders in v5. Here’s a roundup of what you can access (so far):


  • Supabase: Finalists building with Supabase can redeem an additional $300 in credits to keep scaling.

  • Ethereum Attestation Service: extending its Onchain Summer bounty of $10k to the Build community ($2k/team for the top 5 teams).

  • Resend: $5k in credits for the best projects built on Resend.

  • Arcana: awarding $2k in grants to top projects with exciting product ideas and traction.

  • Patchwork: divvying up 10k USDC worth of bounties posted on Bountycaster to their favorite 7 projects.

  • Zilliz / Milvus: awarding $500 in Zilliz Cloud credits for the most creative/inspiring/best use projects built with Zilliz or Milvus.

  • NEAR Protocol: $5,000 for top projects, plus up to $5,000 matching funds in the Bounty Booster Program.

  • Bountycaster: >$250k in bounties available for builders.

  • Google Cloud: Grants of $25k in Google Cloud credits for top projects

  • Modal: Up to $25,000 in credits for select builders.

  • Tableland / Textile: Promising projects can access $5k Microgrants through the Pilot Program

  • Convex: Invitation to exclusive Convex Startup Program for finalists built on Convex.

  • Voiceflow: $3,000 cash for top non-traditional AI agent project, $1,000 for runner-up projects.

  • Ceramic: $3,000 for the best project built on Ceramic.

  • BuildShip: Micro-investment grants for top builders.

  • Base: 1-5 ETH grants for projects built on Base

  • Dynamic: $500 to selected projects.

  • Privy: $1,000 in Privy credits to promising projects.

  • Cyber: $2,000 for unique projects, $2,000 for infrastructure & tooling, $2,000 for social or social-fi projects 

  • Optimism: Grants for projects via Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF).

  • Sieve: Selected top projects will receive $1,000 credits plus a Sieve swag bag.

  • Upstash: $250 in credits for the most interesting AI project.

  • Pinata: $250 in credits to top projects.

  • ZenML: ZenML Cloud Starter for 2 months for top projects.

  • Draftbit: One year of Draftbit Pro for top 10 builders.

  • Superfluid: Top builders will be considered for the Superfluid Frontier Guild ($10k/month streamed to builders)

Credits and other perks:

  • Supabase: All Builders are eligible for $25 Supabase credits to upgrade their Projects.

  • Arcana: Free to use Arcana Auth for all builders.

  • Langchain: LangChain is offering LangSmith Premier Plan for Build Participants.

  • Privy: first 1000 MAUs free.

  • Sieve: $200 in credits for all builders.

  • Pinecone: $100 in serverless credits, additional credits for innovative projects.

  • Upstash: Free credits for all builders for Upstash Vector and Upstash Redis. Upper tier and credits available for more advanced projects.

  • Modal: $500 in credits for all participants.

  • Braintrust: Full access without a usage cap for the duration of the program.

  • Bubble: $500 in Bubble credits.

  • Marblism: 500 marbles for anyone building a project on Marblism

  • ZenML: All builders are eligible for additional free days on their 14 day trial.

  • Devii: Free access for 12 months for final submissions, three months free for all builders.

  • Dynamic: 6 months premium plan free

  • Draftbit: Three months of Draftbit Pro for free.

  • Convex: Free Convex Pro plans for six months.

  • Voiceflow: Free pro workspace & $25 free AI tokens

  • BuildShip: 1 month free, 6 months free on completion of the program.

  • Triplet: Free, unlimited usage of the private beta of Triplit Cloud.

  • CodiumAI: Try CodiumAI’s IDE extension for free.

  • Clerk: 50% off Pro plan for 12 months.

  • Optimism: Apply for deployment rebates, and Dev Console resources.

  • Shuttle: Two-month free PRO Tier.

  • Fauna: Discounts for builders using Fauna.

  • Supertokens: 50% discount 

  • Magic Patterns: Free trial for Backdrop builders.

  • Blockscout: Prominent placement and dedicated marketing campaigns for top apps.

Boost partner opportunities:

The following accelerators and other funding programs will be reviewing Build projects for funding and additional incubation:

  • IDEO CoLab

  • Press Start Capital

  • Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

  • TachyonX by ConsenSys Mesh

  • HZN by Horizon

  • Seed Club

  • OrangeDAO

  • Microtraction

  • Onboard microgrants

  • Charmverse

These benefits and opportunities are designed to help you turn your innovative ideas into reality. Take advantage of these resources and start building something incredible with our v5 partners! Apply here to build with us.

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