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My today's victim is a warlock of mythologized nostalgia, colourfully talented and outgoing OMGiDRAWEDit.

A few months back a collector of mine reached out to me and shared his newest artist discovery with me. He said that he had found a great nostalgia artist and that we two should link up. Once I saw his art I had to agree. It hits man.

The style itself is a vibrant blend of sugar candy easter eggs balancing between the themes of Adventure-Time-like land of cotton-candy rainbows and a bittersweet realm of childhood nostalgia (the kind that we all carry within ourselves).
Both of those radiate their own magic, perfectly connecting together within each OMG's piece.

As you observe his artworks, you can see myriad of amazing sceneries, often happening in child bedrooms or living rooms. Yet they still make you feel you are looking at a boundless plane of infinitely interconnected details from both these worlds.

OMG's brilliant visual approach evokes a playful and joyous mood and spikes your attention for detail by serving you a sea of precisely composed details on a silver platter.
Just try it yourself, take a few moments and observe all the details in his artworks.

Incredible, isn't it?

What I personally really like about his style is that the rainbow colour palettes are structured in a way so the viewer doesn't feel overstimulated by any colour at any time. And that's one hell of a task for an artist using so many colours. Well done.

I always give artists a few questions to increase the impact of these editorials. Thinking of the questions for OMG was entertaining because I literally wanted to ask about everything.

Thankfully, he also kinda answered to everything in this answer haha.

One of the strongest selling (is that the right word?) points of OMG's art is his intuitive and very unique depiction of nostalgic events. Being a nostalgic artist myself I find it amazing seeing other people utilise this common human experience in refreshing ways.

As it happens with these themes, OMG's artworks extend far back to those honey-sweet times of '90s nostalgia of timeless days full of console gaming, having friends over and shitty plastic toys, uniquely spiced up with an occasional mythic battle ax stuck in a fabric of a velvet couch or a battle cry of a forest dryad howling from outside the windows.

Oh yeah and don't forget the magic doors behind the TV, what's behind them? Only OMG knows.

As a person who spends half of his time bathing in the pools of nostalgia and longing for the days long gone, OMGiDRAWEDit's art provides me with deep sense of calm and peacefulness of shared memories.

His artworks, worked through to the smallest details reflect the complexity of the world we live in. His pieces help me see the vibrance of it, its' happiness and joy. But I can also feel sadness, loneliness and occasional weight of misunderstanding the world as it is. I can feel it all, and I can appreciate the life for its' wholeness, the good and the bad.

And all of it thanks to OMG's Cotton-candy dream.

Price ranges: Tezos: ꜩ - ꜩꜩꜩ, Ethereum: Broad range from 0.0x levels to 1+ Ξ for 1/1s
Chains: Tezos, Ethereum, Base, Warpcast
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