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Farcaster Art report by J.Valeska

Our last Bat-Signal report (and, the first one) was an special edition based on the Halloween night, and we are going to continue from there because the next day, November 1, the Farcaster Fall 2023 event began.

Farcaster Fall 2023

The Farcaster Fall 2023 is a community art event created by farcasters as a tribute to the Autumn season. As some of the readers of our previous edition may remember the Halloween festivity started as a pagan ritual after the harvest. In a similar way, Farcaster Fall, being an onchain celebration of the Fall season, shows a strong connection between Art, Nature, Tech and the Humankind.

Farcaster Fall diagram.

Before continue, and as one of the event participants and farcaster member, I would thank @cameron, without his work the event could not have been possible. He did a great effort coordinating artists and organizing the event. Thanks @cameron.

Now, it is time to see some (or better, all) of these artworks.

Day 1

The event started with a cast of @cameron pointing to an artwork created by ccarella.eth. (This is becoming a tradition, I mean to get ccarella starting cool things). Enjoy this artistic banner that remembers the Picasso style with these simple shapes and basic colors, mainly red, yellow and purple/blue, those that combined come with complex abstract pieces.

About the artist, ccarella.eth, we did a little presentation in our previous report and we are sure we are going to mention it in the future, because he is very active on the ecosystem. If you want to learn more about him, check this interview by toadyhawk.eth from the Nouns Square OnChain Media Collective.

Day 2

The second day was the turn for another great artist, ChrisCoCreated. As usual, his piece is not just an static piece of art that evokes any kind of emotions but also interactive and dynamic. In this type of art, one of my favs, everyone gets involved into an artistic experience that is only possible thanks to online and/or onchain communities. A website allows you to interact and change the artwork itself, just a magical moment where and when the observer becomes part of the artwork crossing the threshold that usually separates the artist and the observer.

If you want to be part of a vibrant community building and creating art on the farcaster ecosystem, checks the CoCreated crowfunding and help to fund their next projects.

Day 3

Third day, our emotions get touched by this piece created by @j4ck, sometimes the tech is just a way to capture the art living in the Nature, and our minds easily can do the rest. Personally, this artwork started more interesting flows in my mind than other more digitally worked does. It has a powerful and almost instantly effect that transports the observer into the time and the space trough an autumnal reminiscence, what you feel then maybe subjective and depend on your previous experiences (and, may your location), but in my case, I just can smell the rain (here, in Galiza, the Autumn starts the raining season).

Day 4

On the fourth, digital sounds were listened on the stone of the Ancient Greek buildings of farcaster, enjoy this audiovisual artwork piece of the Farcaster Fall 2023 by @purp:

Day 5

Day 5 of the Farcaster Fall, @adrienne answered the @cameron call with a brilliant essay where she adds some context to this community art event. The intersection of Art, Tech, Nature and the Humankind is clearly visible on her artwork. As it is an article, will be better to just point you to it and let you enjoy the reading:

Day 6

On the sixth we had the excellent Farcaster poet @ArjanTupan sharing a beautiful poem with a manifesto over a purplish background image on the Farcaster Fall topic, enjoy it:

Day 7

Day 7, @ted artwork came with a marvelous idea, where we are able to see the magic of creating art together another time, @ted proposed farcasters to reply below the artwork cast and start 1:1 chats with other farcasters. It is a wonderful way of enabling connections and network growing trough art creation. In fact, she also created a pieced of art, enjoy it:

Day 8

@cameron said the one dropped on the day 8 by @cybershaikt is sick, but if you want to know our opinion, (and, we love the glitch and matrix effects) this is actually a sick graphic representation of the Farcaster Fall intersection between Art, Nature, Humankind and Tech. We are repeating these terms too much, we need a cool acronym, what about NATH (?). (drop your suggestion in the replies, if any). And, what about this artwork? sick or sick?

Day 9

It was the day 9, and we still had fun, this time the farcaster artist @mxvoid came with the classical Farcaster Gate artwork based on the Farcaster Fall topic. Enjoy it:

Day 10

Day 10, @rileybeans came with another sick animation, color hue rotation over an autumnal background image of a bank in the forest. The zoom in-out effect of the animation just increases the call to the action (or inaction) of the bucolic and relaxed bank in the forest scene. In our particular terms, here the digital (tech) art is just the medium to telling us (humankind), to disconnect, relax, enjoy and touch the grass (nature):

Next Days...

As the time of writing this report Farcaster Fall 2023 is still on going, more artists will contribute and we also want to make official that any minter of at least one of these artworks will qualify their address to get airdropped my personal contribution to the Farcaster Fall 2023 event. This piece will not be mintable. Minting any other Farcaster Fall 2023 artwork is the only way to collect it. So, what are you waiting for? Collect them all, before the fall, or it should be after?

J. Valeska FC Fall contribution

Zora x Warpcast

The Bat-Signal exists in the intersection of Farcaster and Zora protocols, so mention the Zora x Warpcast minting, even if we are still waiting for some warps to enjoy the experience, is mandatory. Farcaster and Zora are at the vanguard of the innovation on the Ethereum ecosystem, any kind of collaboration between them is always something worth to mention, and to collect. This time, it is even better, Warpcast, the main client of the Farcaster protocol, created by @dwr and @v, and the Zora network brought us a new in-app minting experience. Would love to share more details after being used it, but if you got the last 300 warps airdrop (for Zora minters) you have the opportunity to test it out and share you experience in the replies. The cost of the minting is about 240 warps, but it may decrease over the time.


Another recent update on the Warpcast app was the wowow/like button. This new feature inspired some of farcaster artists as @cocreated who created another interactive piece, and @0xen, a great farcaster artist, member of Purple and Energy (and the artist behind all the artworks of both daos), just created a commemorative piece that you should not miss.

A minimal farcaster arch build with the wowow word. The brief, the wowow.

Another important update on the farcaster ecosystem that we have to thank to @0xen, is the new look of the Purple dao nfts. Personally, I love the old purple square, but I can't say No! to this kaleidoscope artworks. They are so cool.

Next report

We are at the end of this report, I hope you found it useful or interesting and that may discovered any great farcaster artist or artwork. Next report will be focused on Newtro Arts, Kismet house and how Energy is doing to get artists vibing in the Zora community. We hope next one will be an special one. Hope you too. Goodbye, and happy minting!

Bat-Signal, II Farcaster Art Report, Nov 2023, by J.Valeska.

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