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June 2024 Patron Update

June brings refinements to our core processes

June has been a month of refinement, with adding a new community and disbursing rewards showing us gaps in our processes.

We launched Origin Protocol this month, refactoring our app to make it easy to launch the next communities. We also updated our CRM to help us keep track of our deployments. Adding communities is the key to our growth strategy. We aim to launch 2 communities each in July and August, and refine our communication flow to ensure each community launch yields new, long-term users.

We disbursed our first rewards this month. You can view our public rewards report to get an idea of our progress over time.

We also spent time refining our support flow and app metrics, giving us the visibility to improve systematically over time. Expect us to further refine these critical processes in July.


  • 💰 Transaction Volume: 85 users have collectively loaded $10,307 onto their cards and spent $6646

  • 👥 Community Funnel: We have successfully launched Origin Protocol, and aim to launch 2 TBD communities in July.

  • 🏦 Finance: Gitcoin grants have awarded us $1400 USD in May.

    • Applied for Alliance, OrangeDAO, Higher Collective, BASE Onchain Summer, EdCon, and other grants.

  • 🪙 Rewards flow: Rewards flow has been tested for 13 different combinations of browser/wallet, rewards calculations are updated, and we have successfully disbursed rewards for May.

  • 📱Usability: currently tracking a new user SUS score of 75.7 (goal: 80+), and revealed/fixed significant issues in our onboarding flow. Look for more fixes in July.


  • If you are part of a community with a US membership that wants to distribute tokens, unlock passive revenue, or proliferate brand, have them fill in our Community Intake Form.

Our biggest bet lies in partnering and serving great web3 communities. Accordingly, we'll be making inroads with up-and-coming communities and refining the product and communication based on their feedback. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated!

— links, Bankless Card Champion

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