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Introducing Tiser: Cast Tickets

A prediction game to win $DEGEN for betting on viral casts.

Tiser launched ~3 weeks ago, it allows users to buy and sell "Cast Shares" in frames to earn from trading viral casts on Farcaster. Today, I'm proposing to add a new layer to this concept to create an incentive for buying into casts.

How it works:

It's a gamified layer that will commence a new round every x days with an initial prize pool of $DEGEN tokens. Users can participate by purchasing "Cast Tickets" for any cast published during the ongoing round, adding their ticket cost to the prize pot. The ticket price is determined by an exponential bonding curve, ensuring that early buyers get lower prices while incentivizing broader participation as the round progresses.

When the round ends, the accumulated prize pool is awarded to the ticket holders and the creator of the most-liked cast. 10% of the prize goes to the creator, and the remaining 90% is distributed among the ticket holders. Early ticket holders will receive a larger share of the prize than late buyers.

Unlike cast shares, cast tickets are not sellable. This prevents ticket holders from selling their losing tickets before the round ends, which would reduce the prize pool and disrupt the fairness of the reward system.

User Experience:

Users will be able to purchase cast tickets through a frame in a Multi-step action. This is the current Tiser frame design, which will be updated with the same layout:

A web app will be developed for viewing game details, browsing cast tickets, viewing activity, and managing tickets. Here are some initial mock-ups:

Get 5 free tickets

Thank you for reading, it means a lot!

If you join our channel /tiser on Warpcast and collect this post we will cover the cost of the first 5 cast tickets you purchase.

Finally, if you have any feedback or thoughts, please share them as a comment or cast about it in the channel. It would be super helpful and highly appreciated!

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