adelaide bowen

i’m just an animal roaming the woods, aimless, staring up at the sky, trying to find my north star, trying to find my way home when i’ve lost the scent trail and the lay lines, when ive lost the paths in the ground and the land marks around me, when i can no longer recognize the woods i walk in as the ones that have been treaded for so long. i will wander and wander and wander and stare up at the sky until im dizzy, panting, overheated, lost and defeated and waiting for someone to come and put me down.

when you find me, cornered up against a tree or stuck in a bear trap or at the bottom of a well, i don’t want your pity. i don’t want your hands, soft like tanned hide, to pry apart rusted metal to free me, to pull me out of that dank and dark hole, to come closer when I growl and snap. i have blood on my muzzle and not all of it is mine, it was a blur to get here but i do not think i was kind.

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