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Introducing new ways to discover

Discover great content, all across web3, in your social graph & beyond.

We've heard loud and clear: there's great content being created all across web3, but there's no good ways to discover & curate it. This makes it harder for creators to grow, and prevents readers from finding content (and authors) that resonate with them.

We're thrilled to announce several new features that are making strides towards organizing and surfacing great content, while simultaneously helping writers on Paragraph build audiences and get exposure. These features also continue demonstrating the advantages of the composable and permissionless nature of web3 over traditional media.

Trending posts

Starting today, you can now view trending & popular posts on Paragraph.

You can also view all posts that are trending on Farcaster, a sufficiently decentralized social network.

We permissionlessly pull in all Paragraph posts that are being discussed on Farcaster, and rank them according to their popularity. This aligns well with our previous Farcaster integration: typically, posts are shared & discussed on social media - not on the platform they're posted on - so tapping into Farcaster allows us to determine which content is popular in a more robust way.

Personalized Discovery

We're also launching a new way to discover personalized content, beyond just what's trending. In the new "For You" tab, you can view posts from all Paragraph newsletters you're currently subscribed to.

If your wallet has a Farcaster account associated with it, you can also view all posts created by everyone you're following on Farcaster.

This feed is always kept up-to-date with who you're following: we permissionlessly ingest the Farcaster social graph, meaning any changes to who you're following get immediately reflected in this feed.

You can also view anyone else's feed, by appending their wallet address to the URL. If I follow a thought leader who carefully curates their following list, I can view posts created by everyone they're following, opening up a new avenue for discovery.

If you're following someone on social media, there's a good chance you're interested in them and their content. Your relationship should be with them as a person - not limited to the medium they're on. Web3 composability makes this possible.

"Subscribe to your Farcaster followers"

Since we're ingesting the Farcaster social graph to display posts from your followers, we're also making it easier to subscribe to them directly and receive their posts in your inbox.

When you first sign up to Paragraph, if your wallet is associated to a Farcaster account you're prompted to subscribe to users you're following:

If you already have a Paragraph account, you can view this page in a new tab in your account settings.

What's next?

This is the first iteration, with a lot more planned. Searching, categorization, pulling in content from other writing platforms & social graphs, using your wallet activity to recommend articles - we're excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what was possible in web2.