Introducing native NFT embeds using

Let your readers collect audio, video or image NFTs directly in your posts (or their inboxes).

Today we’re launching an exciting feature that provides a new way for creators to create & monetize their content, while owning a direct relationship with their audience: an integration with the no-code NFT platform

Pasting a Highlight collection link into your Paragraph post turns it into an embed, letting your readers collect your NFTs directly from your posts (or in their inboxes).

About Highlight

Highlight provides tools that help creators drop NFT collections and create token-gated experiences. They have a slew of functionality, including:

  • Image, video or audio NFTs

  • Fixed or open editions

  • Time-limited or gated drops

  • Customizable royalties

  • And much more.

Using the Highlight integration in Paragraph

Create a collection on Highlight, then grab the collection URL and paste it into the Paragraph editor. It’ll turn into an embed widget, letting your readers collect NFTs directly from your post (or from their inboxes, when sent as a newsletter). This widget can be embedded beyond Paragraph by using the ‘embed’ button on your Highlight collection page.

To celebrate this launch, collect this time-limited open mint, closing a week from today:

We’re excited to see all the ways that creators use Highlight alongside Paragraph. For example:

  • Turn every post into a time-limited NFT to incentivize readers to subscribe & collect

  • Narrate your posts, then create & embed audio NFTs

  • Reward your most loyal subscribers with gated NFT drops

  • Create token-gated posts based on NFTs you’ve embedded in previous posts. Your readers need to collect past content to view future content! (Is anyone excited about the first NFT-powered interactive novel?!)

Any feedback or feature requests? Reach out to us at or to the Highlight team at!

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