Paragraph feature update: newsletter metrics, improved gating & more

Better understand how your content performs.

We're excited to announce a handful of new features:

  • Newsletter metrics: open rates are now available for your newsletters, helping you better understand engagement. Click rates & view counts are on the way!

  • Gating improvements: gate individual sections in your posts to incentivize subscribers to upgrade. Require that readers subscribe and/or hold specific tokens for access to gated content.

  • Share button embeds: embed a button that allows readers to share your newsletter with others.

Newsletter Metrics

Starting today, you can view the open rates of all newsletters you send, allowing you to better understand how your audience engages with your content.

You can find these metrics on every individual post in the editor, and view aggregate publication-wide metrics on your Subscribers page.

We'll be launching additional metrics over the coming weeks, including click rates & page view counts.

Gating improvements

Section gating

Historically, a post on Paragraph had to be either completely gated or completely accessible, with no in between. This worked well for certain use cases, but many users wanted more flexibility: they wanted to have a free preview available, to draw readers in and ensure the post was accessible for search engines, but gate the most valuable content behind a token.

We now support this natively. In the editor, type "/" and insert a new embed that gates everything after a certain point.

Granting access based on combinations of tokens or newsletter subscriptions

You can now grant access to token-gated posts using a combination of NFTs/ERC20s and complex AND/OR conditionals. You can also require that readers subscribe to your newsletter before accessing.

For example, you can grant access if a reader holds one of your previously collected posts (using our Highlight integration); or if they hold 1 BAYC and are a subscriber to your newsletter.

This unlocks a handful of new usecases: one exciting usecase is bundling subscriptions with another author and granting access to eachother's content, enabling you both to grow an audience together.

Share button embeds

Embed a share button into your newsletters to encourage your readers to share with others:

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